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  • Fresh paint

    Northern Rail Sprinter 156461 crosses the recently refurbished Ravenglass Viaduct with a Carlisle bound train. Mon20Aug07

  • Peak and a Sprinter 1

    Northern Rail 156484 at Saltcoats. The snow covered hill in background is Englands highest peak of Scafell. Fri19Feb10

  • Peak and a Sprinter 2

    Northern Rail 156479 between Saltcoats and Drigg. Englands second highest peak of Great Gable looms above the right hand coach. Fri19Feb10

  • Eskmeals Viaduct 1

    With a Northern Rail Class 156 Sprinter on a southbound service. Wed14Apr10

  • Eskmeals Viaduct 2

    156479 plus an unidentified Class 153 heading south. Wed14Apr10

  • Ravenglass 09095

    As seen from the footbridge. 153307+156438 departing with a southbound service. 14Sep09

  • Skateboard at Ravenglass

    A Class 153 scutttles across Ravenglass Viaduct with a service to Carlisle. Tue22Jun10

  • Rush hour at Sellafield

    156425, bound for Lancaster, stands alongside 153360, heading for Carlisle, once the passengers have been shoehorned on board. Wed11May05

  • Units at Carlisle

    Strathclyde PTE liveried 156504 and an unidentified Pendolino. Tue24Jun08

  • Glasgow Central

    156510 in Connect 4 colours, runs in to Glasgow Central and passes a Virgin Trains Pendolino. Tue20Jul10

  • Glasgow assortment

    Platform panorama at Glasgow Central, with 334021 156446 156435 and 318269. Tue20Jul10

  • Barrow-in-Furness

    Arriva liveried 153315 at Barrow. Fri30Mar07

  • Ravenglass traction

    Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway diesel 'Les' and steam loco 'River Mite' are passed by Northern Rail 153328 at Ravenglass. Fri8Jul11

  • Drigg

    Station and level crossing, with Northern Rail 156490 on a Carlisle to Barrow service. Fri8Jul11

  • Sprinting through the hills

    Sprinter 156490 with a Carlisle - Barrow service near Saltcoats. Fri29Jul11

  • Sprinting up the coast

    Northern Rail 156443 stands at Ravenglass with the 1331 Barrow to Carlisle. Tue23Aug11

  • Low high water

    2 and a half hours to go before high tide, and at a mere 5.9 metres it's barely enough to dampen the hull of the 'Acme', seen here beached at Ravenglass, whilst a pair of unidentified Class 153s pass at 1730 with the 1534 Lancaster to Carlisle. A marathon…

  • Half of 155

    Equals 153. Northern Rail 153358 calls at Ravenglass with the 1122 Barrow to Carlisle. Fri19Aug11

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