Y6 Day 198, Tissot watch

July 2015 hunt 1. .......Photograph something that includes both a 5 and 7 in Roman Numerals– TH7/15/1 Even with $200 off for the special I wasn't overly tempted to buy it (note pic); besides, the calendar is showing a day slow - what's it's time-keeping gonna be like ?!?!

Y6 Day 195, Flowery broach

July 2015 hunt 2. A close-up of a brooch or pin (jewelry). Zoom in or shoot in macro mode, your choice - Crow – TH7/15/2 My wifes. One of her favourites You'll notice if you look closely that this is a colour pic; by the fluff I didn't see till processing ;-{

Y6 Day 183, Chippy Sandwich

July 2015 hunt 3. Show us a mosaic - stained glass, tiled surface, chippy sandwich - something pieced together – Rob – TH7/15/3 The kind of mosaic I like to sink my teeth into ;-} Note to self - be very careful with wording of # suggestions, because Cathy copies and pastes them to the group. LOL

Y6 Day 200, Plimmerton at dusk

July 2015 hunt 4. “Greetings from ...” create a picture postcard of a place where you were on vacation or travel (archive shots ok!) with one or multiple views – Fanny – TH7/15/4 Just 1 # left to go. I need to rearrange some hair ...

Y6 Day 192, Hide and seek

July 2015 hunt 5. Child's Play. Show us your favourite game as a child? – Nancy – TH7/15/5 Normally Priya and I would take turns, but she wanted to be in the photo too. As kids we had 2 versions - inside was 'hide and seek'; outside was 'go home, stay home'. Basically the same, but more rules and out-of-bounds' for the outside one


Y6 Day 185, Culdesac

July 2015 hunt 6. Dead end (any kind such as a road, path or stairs) – Kaye – TH7/15/6 My end of the street. That's the park behind my wifes car where I take my sunset pics from. Oh I'm sooooo glad they've fixed the slider on the map. So much easier to use again :-} Now y'all know where I live. Dangerous when I'm also posting food shots .....

Y6 Day 186, Torch painted cube

July 2015 hunt 7. Light painting – (any source of light, i.e. sparklers, glow sticks, flashlight/torch) – Cathy – TH7/15/7 550D on the tripod set to bulb, almost 3 minutes open, lit with my new multi-bulb LED torch If there is ever a next time I'll set up the camera further back to get things 'straighter'/less distorted

Y6 Day 197, Barbed coil

July 2015 hunt 8. Barbed or razor wire – Kaye – TH7/15/8 As part of the 'shuffle around' that we're doing at work we need to shift our outdoor gas bottle storage area. This is a roll of barbed wire that as been carefully removed from the old cage, and will go back up onto the remodeled version

Y6 Day 185, Catching a ride to breakfast

July 2015 hunt 9. Pet toys (with or without a pet). No "in store" photos allowed. – Crow – TH7/15/9 Mischief and his giraffe
20 items in total