Y6 Day 157, Sunrise Dew

June 2015 hunt 1. June is the sixth month of the year. According to Icelandic folklore if you bathe naked in the dew on the morning of June 24th you will keep the ageing process at bay for longer. OK forget the naked bathing, but let's have a close up shot of morning dew. – Ruth – TH6/15/1 Ok, ok, I've caved into the pressure, and resisted naked bathing. Sigh Here are 2 shots taken as the sun came up (note) (It's sloping because it's a bank. Taken and displayed level. Honest)

Y6 Day 164, Hopscotch

June 2015 hunt 2. Photograph pens, pencils, crayons, markers (one or many) and include some portion of a line or design drawn with one in your image. Crow – TH6/15/2

Y6 Day 155, My cellphone

June 2015 hunt 3. We all like our phones as a back-up camera. Show us a photo of your mobile/cellular phone. – Rob – TH6/15/3 I'm trying new backgrounds today - this, and the coins are on offcuts of wallpaper. Thoughts please ? The picture on my phone (wallpaper LOL) is an enormous rail grinding machine

Y6 Day 157, Broken Box

June 2015 hunt 4. A box, (beautiful or ugly), and use it as a prop to create a photo with style. – Fanny – TH6/15/4 My garage is awash with boxes presently. Most of them 'cardboard' from our preferred supermarket (Pac n save) who allow people (encourage) to take them away. This one was much fuller than this at the height of the housing modifications, but couldn't contain itself any longer

Y6 Day 173, Supermarket light

June 2015 hunt 5. Capture well focused reflections in a small puddle, bird bath, small container. – Eunice – TH6/15/5 Captured between wind gusts and showers in my local supermarket today. Right-way-up lamp is in the note

Y6 Day 162, Breakfast drink

June 2015 hunt 6. Straw of any kind, i.e. drinking, bale, hat, etc. – Kaye – TH6/15/6 Chloe likes her milk

Y6 Day 163, Still Hopeful

Replacing June 2015 hunt 7. Alphabet – Similar to last month but we are now looking for man-made objects which represent the shapes of letters which you can use to spell out a word of 3 or 4 letters, e.g. Joy, Hope, Love etc., Present the word you create in the form of a triptych/collage (see here for inspiration: www.ephotozine.com/article/numbers-and-letters-from-everyday-objects-15956 ) – Cathy - TH6/15/7 Hopefully the E is easier for you to see this time I've left the other attempt in the thread - see…

Y6 Day 152, Standing Guard

June 2015 hunt 8. Cones (traffic, ice-cream, pine, etc.) – Kaye - TH6/15/8

Y6 Day 160, All done for this year

June 2015 hunt 9. Seeds and seedheads, one or many. – Crow – TH6/15/9 Agapantha. Replacing my cheeky lawn seed attempt. This was taken the other day when it was really windy ! I had to wait ages for them to stop blowing around. Brrr
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