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Manifold Valley Staffordshire 30th May 2021

Our 7.5 mile walk was pretty straightforward: down the steep-sided hills into the Manifold Valley, follow the disused trackbed of the former Leek & Manifold Light Railway, climb out of the steep-sided valley and walk back to Grindon on the top. Anyone who knows this part of the Peak District will know that the River Manifold is a "disappearing" river. Depending on the volume of rainfall the river fluctuates from normal flow to a completely dry bed as the porous limestone soaks up the water. This bucolic view is an intermediate situation!

By Loose_Grip/Pete

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Between Swiebodzin & Babimost Lubusz Poland 11th May 2016

Wolsztyn is about 120km east of the German border at Frankfurt-am-Oder and the last 50km drive was on very pleasant country roads like this.