Manchester Victoria station 8th June 1968


Whalley Lancashire 2nd September 2020

In very poor conditions 4-6-0 46100 Royal Scot climbs the gradient out of the Calder valley with the returning Saphos Rails Fellsman.

Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 4th July 2018

British Railways Standard Pacific 70013 Oliver Cromwell comes off its train in platform 1 to take water passing immaculate Class 47 diesel 1705 in the Up Through. Due to the fire risk the three day trains; 11.00, 13.00 & 14.00, had been top and tailed with Class 33 diesel D6355. However we relieved the day crew and worked the 19.30 diner on our own - very carefully! HFF and have a great weekend. Stay Safe!

El Paso Texas USA 4th November 1978

The stainless steel coaches of Amtrak's well-named Sunset Limited catch the glint of the West Texas sunset during our stop in El Paso station! I was travelling the 2350 miles from San Francisco and there was still another 24 hours to go before arriving home in New Orleans.

KWVR Keighley West Yorkshire 18th October 2020

On the preserved Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Midland Railway Fowler 4F 0-6-0 43924 noisily and smokily climbs southwards up the gradient from Keighley with the 14.10 train for Oxenhope. It is carrying a headboard with "43924 The Big Goods Centenarian" written on it. This commemorates its building at Derby works in 1920.

Neuwe Parklaan Den Haag Netherlands 11th September 1982

Two vintages of trams at the junction of Koninginnegracht and Dr Aletta Jacobsweg. Yellow-liveried HTM 1227, an American PCC tram built under license in Belgium, with a number 9 service is heading for the Kurhaus on the beach in Scheveningen. It is followed by new red and cream GTL8-I number 3014 on an 11 service. The system is standard gauge and is energised at 600v DC Living on Niewe Parklaan at this time, I used to catch the number 9 to the Mobil office in the Babylon Centre which overlooked Den Haag Central station. Madurodam is behind the camera. HFF & have great weekend.

Slaithwaite Kirklees West Yorkshire 17th October 2020

Autumn colours as TransPennine 1F54, the 06.34 Scarborough to Manchester Piccadilly comes off the viaduct to the west of “Slawit”station and disappears into the greenery. Class 68 diesel 68025 Superb is in push mode. HFF and have a great and safe weekend.

Truro Cornwall 1st November 2020

Great Western Railway Class 800 bi-modal unit 800316 arriving at Truro, Cornwall with 1C81 the 12.03 London Paddington to Penzance service. The spires of Truro cathedral can be seen through the drizzle in the distance. The unusual metal footbridge that spans the station and former goods yard sports GWR spear fencing no doubt wrought by a Swindon employee many years ago. HFF & have a great weekend. Stay safe.

70013 Doncaster 18th October 2013

On the footplate of 70013 Oliver Cromwell heading for Barnetby in Lincolnshire. While speeding along the virtually flat ex-MSLR/Great Central four track main line east of Doncaster, Roger inspects his fire. We finally arrived at Barnetby at 18.03 after a 10 hour journey from Southall in West London. After turning the engine on the triangle via Ulceby it was coaled & watered in the Down Cattle Dock and then stabled for the night at the head of the Cheshireman stock in the Down Sidings.

Alexanderplatz East Berlin Germany 18th August 1972

This is not just a shot of random railings in Alexanderplatz, Berlin but my "other" railway photograph taken in Germany in 1972 - I only took two in the three months I was there! Times have changed... My railway interest was at a low ebb & I couldn't even be bothered to walk over to the station to get a decent shot of the Pacifics still steam-hauling trains in the eastern zone although I probably thought I might get arrested if I did. I contented myself with a snatched shot of a train arriving. Lots of interesting cars in the parking though! HFF and keep safe in this second wave of Covid.
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