Posted on 07/20/2015

Photo taken on October 24, 2014

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Netta Rufina
Red-crested Pochard

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Red-crested Pochards / Kolbenenten

Red-crested Pochards / Kolbenenten
A unusual occurence, to have a group of that guys fly across my Friedrichshafen backyard as there is no larger body of water in the very emediate vincity. They are likely ducks from a lake in the backcountry who where on their way to join the social wintering rafts of the species in the western end of Lake Constance / Es kommt nicht oft vor, das ich von unserem Freisitz in Friedrichshafen diese Spezies sehen kann, obschon sie im Hafenbecken recht haeufig ist, denn hier gibt es keinen groesseren Teich in direkter Umgebung. Vermutlich kamen sie tiefer aus dem Hinterland und waren unterwegs um sich der grossen Winterkolonie im Gnadensee anzuschliessen.

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Tess Mc Kenna
Tess Mc Kenna
Wonderful in-flight capture of these Red-crested pochard Well done Sonja Regards Tess
2 years ago.
Jordi Bort
Jordi Bort
Quite lucky, to get them in your camera.
2 years ago.
Levina de Ruijter
Levina de Ruijter
They're so beautiful, aren't they? I have a couple (male+female) in the canal below my window. They have been there for as long I live there (10 years). I've never seen them fly though... :)
2 years ago.
Sonja has replied to Levina de Ruijter
Odd, they sound like some pair of collection birds with permanently altered wings to me.

Wild RPC are not really great at flying, heavy and shortwinged they make a pathetic shape getting airborne and likely need a lot of energy to do so, fluttering like mad, so it is amazing they can even migrate between a shallow pond in the backcountry and a big lake for their swimming winter metropole. In other times they usually fly not up as easy as other bay ducks but they definately will fly eventually when disturbed a lot.
Anyway, they are true ducks, not Geese or Tadornes. They do not mate for life, rearing their babies the way all bay and dabbling ducks do, as a single moms.'responsibility Your faithful little pair might have never really gotten down to have a clutch...
But then RPC are very strange ducks anyway. Their number of sterile natural hybrids with distinctive looks is high. I have a special ducky friend in the Rotach mouth I watch for a long time, who is an intersexed Mallard hybrid, that can definately flutter up to avoid a dog, swan or toy boat but seems never to leave for the annual bay duck rafts in the west. It sticks near the campground beach by the outflow year round since 8 years and may be spotted with a bit of luck or patience really at any month and weather condition.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.