Posted on 06/04/2015

Photo taken on April  1, 2015


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Ian Stewart, Brick Brewery founder

Ian Stewart, Brick Brewery founder
Ian Stewart from Brick Brewery happened to be in Beer Rebellion on Queens Road, he kindly agreed to spend a few minutes, in between beer deliveries, for a photo and a chat.
"Things are going well and I'm happy to say I'm now not the only emploee of the brewery. I got up at five this morning to do our first brew of the day with our brewer taking over to the second brew, but things went wrong though and he's managed to fill one of his boots with almost boiling water. He had to go home leaving me to finish the second batch. We've got loads of new beers, an Earl Grey Mild - I dry leafed it with a hundred tea bags of earl grey its going to be great! Also a black IPA with lots of cascade hops in it, Kiwi Steam which is based on Archway Steam but with motueka hops, a German style hefe weisen Munich wheat beer which will be ready at the end of April, and there's a new red rye beer - all of which will be available at the brewery.
It's hard though not to get caught up just in our direct sales. I have to try and push the beers into pubs as well, though I never do cold calling and most times its though personal contacts or requests. In fact there's been a growing interest in west London but we need a critical mass.
We've been using plastic beer casks though this has been a bit of a false econnomy. They're only £10 cheaper now than steel ones and the plastic ones begin to leak after a year - its mainly the shives - getting them out (at the brewery) is difficult without nicking the plastic. About thirty casks have also vanished, I think they might be at the Hieneken depot - they have a mountain of other people's casks there which they can't use by law. You're supposed to go along once in a while and collect what's yours.
The double decker bus at the brewery? - well no that's not mine it's the Gowletts pizza bus and'll be moving soon."

The Brick Brewery's tap room is at Arch 209, Blenheim Grove, Peckham Rye, SE15 4QL

The beer on the table in the photo is Brass Castle's Oatmeal Pale, and wasn't Ian's.