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  • St George's Day 1995 - the landlord of the Duke of Sussex

    Dave Newman has been the landlord of the Duke of Sussex for a little while now. In 1995 he set off on a knightly adventure. Having first raised pledges and donations for a cystic fibrosis charity he set off to complete his quest - to ride to Whitehall dr…

  • The Duke of Sussex near Waterloo Station

    The Duke of Sussex is real ale pub and is at, 23 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AY

  • The Duke of Sussex near Waterloo Station

    The Duke of Sussex is real ale pub and is at, 23 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AY

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  • Great British Beer Festival 2015

    This may warrant putting in the diary - it runs from Tuesday 11 August to Saturday 15 August (though Tuesday is a beer-trade only day) and hat day is Thursday 13th.

  • Brewing up a disagreement, Monster Raving Loony beer

    It seems the Official Moster Raving Loony Party has had quite a few beers brewed in conjunction with it, including a number using the term "co-ale-ition". Recently this term appeared as the title of a pro-conservative party beer supposedly comissioned by…

  • The Lordship has opened in Dulwich

    The Lordship is a real ale pub, known lastly as the Patch which closed in Dec 2014. The building retains its external "new world revoluion mural" painted by artist Mear One. The Lordship Pub. 211 Lordship Lane East Dulwich London SE22 8HA

  • Ian Stewart, Brick Brewery founder

    Ian Stewart from Brick Brewery happened to be in Beer Rebellion on Queens Road, he kindly agreed to spend a few minutes, in between beer deliveries, for a photo and a chat. "Things are going well and I'm happy to say I'm now not the only emploee of the b…

  • Ed Cotton, London Beer Factory co-founder

    Ed and his brother Simon are the founders of the London Beer Factory in West Norwood. He was in Peckham at the first full day of the re-opened Prince Albert. Ed's background is oenology, the study of wine, about which he is very knowledgeable, and he def…

  • The Prince Albert by Daniel Hogan, about 1998

    Danny is a regular at the Prince Albert and presented this painting to his favourite pub. He is thinking of painting the pub again in its more recent colours. Prince Albert, 111 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15 4QY

  • Julia, the area manager of Town Centre Inns at the Prince Albert in Peckham

    In SE London Town Centre Inns also run the Castle in East Dulwich, The Colby Arms on Gipsy Hill, the Farriers Arms in Surrey Docks, Queen Elizabeth II in Walworth, and the Little Crown in Deptford. At the Prince Albert, 111 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15…

  • Carol and Ivy in the newly re-opened Prince Albert, Peckham

    The Prince Albert has had its local regulars for years including friends Carol and Ivy. Commenting on the new look pub Ivy said "I like it, but it's not the pub that makes the people, it's the people that make the pub". Someone else's light hearted commen…

  • Alan (AKA Skid) in the Prince Albert in Peckham

    The Prince Albert has had its local regulars for years, and Alan is one of them. Commenting on the new pub he said "It's fresh so let's see what happens. There's lots of light now and it has a nice atmosphere - give it time". However not everyone in the p…

  • Paul Lear, Greene King's regional technical manager, at the Rye in Peckham

    Paul didn't say " Since the new Greene King IPA pumpclips came out, me driving this van well it's like I'm wearing mega-baggies again, it's sooo yesterday". At the Rye (a real ale pub), 31 Peckham Rye, SE15 3NX.

  • Antic have bought Clarence & Fredericks

    Antic have bought the Clarence & Fredericks Brewery. Burnham No 3 is the handover beer, brewed previously as Aussie Bock. Antic's brewer is now in the C&F brewery getting to grips with the brewing kit. The brewery will be renamed Volden Brewing, and an in…

  • Unexploded Bomb by Southwark Brewery

    At the Southwark Brewing tap room, 46 Druid Street, London Bridge, SE1 2EZ

  • Another UXB from 1982

    This is one of the first adverts for the Union Brewery. Sadly the brewery only lasted another 12 months or so after this. It was founded by Roger Berman to supplement B & W's beer agency and was brought down after the crash of the beer agency side of the…

  • The beer watch from 1988

    An advert in the April edition of CAMRA's London Drinker magazine 1988.

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