• Haverthwaite Pillbox

    Defending the main road to Barrow is this pillbox at Haverthwaite.

  • Pillbox at Redcar furnace

    Defending the coast and the steelworks. Pillbox on the dunes/slag outside the Redcar steelworks. The brick facing was, I believe, initially used as a form of shuttering for pouring the concrete. It was then left in situ as extra protection.

  • The Gare

    Defence of the entrance to the Tees and the Redcar furnaces included a series of pillboxes on the coast. Erosion of the dunes under this example at The Gare has seen it toppled. The background is formed by the steelworks and associated coking plant.

  • Defending Roften

    At the former Ordnance Factory No.10 (Roften) at Hooton, stood this pillbox, still guarding the perimeter from attack. The factory manufactured heavy anti-aircraft guns during WWII.

  • Pillbox - but not as we know it

    Type 24 pillbox alongside Bridge 13 at Middlecale on the Macclesfield Canal. This was one of the defensive structures along Stop Line No.6 which ran, mainly along canals from Tamworth to south-east Manchester. These days it performs peaceful duties as a g…

  • Porthleven

    It was a breezy day when I visted Porthleven and the sea was rolling in with big breakers. The entrance to the harbour is guarded by this pillbox, just in case of an attempted invasion.

  • Defence of the realm

    In the dark days of 1940/41 there was a real fear of invasion after the German forces overran the nearby European countries, and desperate efforts were made to develop defences within Britain to help stop or at least slow down an invading force. One metho…

  • Nakhoda Ragam class

    The Nakhoda Ragam class is a class of corvette offshore patrol vessels originally built for the Royal Brunei Navy and named after the lead ship of the class, in turn named after a legendary Malay seafarer. Three vessels were built by BAE Systems Marine (n…

  • "Consol" shelter

    Advert for fire watching shelter. There are still odd ones lying around as the steel they were made of was so thick.

  • Marching in

    Prisoners of War arriving at Cultybraggan Camp 21 after marching from the station under escort. Re-enactment from the excellent camp open day. The prisoner of war camp at Cultybraggan was completed in late 1941 and originally used to house Italian prison…

  • Cark airfield

    Watch office at RAF Cark with a smaller Fighter Satellite Watch Office to the right. The airfield was constructed for fighters in late 1940 but appears to have been mainly used for anti-aircraft training and later for pilot training.

  • High Edge pillbox

    This type 23 pillbox was built way up on High Edge to protect the extensive bomb storage area at RAF Harpur Hill. The access was over the wall at the back of the structure (right side of this view) where there was a mount for a light anti-aircraft weapon.

  • Pipeline pumping station

    I spotted this whilst driving past and returned for a closer look. It appears to be a fuel pipeline pumping station dating back to WW2. The surviving building is very similar to that at Poynton (see below) although in this case the rainheads are rather fa…

  • Blue Steel

    On display at Woomerra is this AVRO Blue Steel missile which was developed as Britain's strategic air launched nuclear warhead delivery system in the 1950s although it did not go into service until 1963. Carried by Vulcan and Victor bombers the missile wa…

  • Bromborough Bridge pillboxes

    One of two pillboxes guarding the ends of the bridge over Bromborough Pool next to the Port Sunlight works.

  • Defensive position

    This type 23 pillbox was built way up on High Edge to protect the extensive bomb storage area at RAF Harpur Hill.

  • Defending the Dee

    Pillbox at Queensferry alongside the River Dee on the approaches to Chester.

  • Polkerris

    The limekiln at the top of the beach at Polkerris was erected in 1827 by local farmers John Andrew and George Boscestow. It was long disused by the Second World War when a pillbox was constructed on top.

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