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  • Chimneypot museum

    This former co-operative shop in Longport now houses a fascinating museum of chimneypots. Pots are also for sale, so if you need to match what's on your roof then this is the place to start. The little lions are a bonus feature.

  • Leaving Namtu

    Road repairs under way as a train leaves Namtu on the Burma Mines Railway.

  • Winnington at night

    Conveyors leading the storage bins for raw materials to feed the limekilns at Winnington soda ash plant in 2008.

  • Wallerscote loader

    Coasters used to load soda ash here. Now it is all gone and housing rises in its place.

  • Lobbes

    Water tower at Lobbes, Belgium. A rather understated creation in brick and concrete.

  • Platelayers' hut

    A colourful platelayers' hut on the Manchester Ship Canal railways at Manisty, Ellesmere Port. I am unsure about the need for the fire buckets at his location.

  • Bascule

    The harbour at Dunbar is in two parts divided by this double bascule bridge.

  • London Electric Firm

    This cast pulley is on the side of the continuous brick kiln at Prestongrange. A close look shows the frayed end of a steel cable and I can only assume that it was associated with raising and lowering a damper on the kiln. The London Electric Firm was est…

  • Water and grain

    The water tower is dwarfed by the grain silos at Čačak in central Serbia.

  • Steam leak

    Emerging from clouds of leaking steam 126-014 built by MAVAG, Budapest, in 1899 shunts the yard at the Resavica colliery in Serbia. The shunter wisely stayed upwind!

  • Shaft kilns

    Limekilns at Tunstead quarry just before they were refreshed with new cladding.

  • Lifeboat Station

    The St Abbs lifeboat was established in 1911 and withdrawn by the RNLI in 2015. Since then an independent lifeboat has been put in place following a contribution of £260,000 by Thomas Tunnock & Sons Ltd. The boathouse is leased to the lifeboat charity by…

  • Cement manufacture

    Cement plant under construction at Tunstead Quarry. This modern plant replaced life expired kilns on the site.

  • Punch Hotel

    The Punch Hotel in Hull first appeared in 1846 and was subject to rebuilding with an ornate terracotta frontage in 1895-96.In January 1898, the new frontage was criticised for scaring horses riding into the city.

  • Waterworks Offices

    Former Grimsby Waterworks offices, dated 1896. Hewins and Colson, architects; Hewins and Goodhand, builders. Listed Grade II.

  • Mondi Mill

    There has been a paper mill on this site in Ramsbottom since James and Samuel Broadbent Ingham built one here in the 1850s. This is its last form as it was already recently closed when I took this photo in 2009 and the majority of the site has since been…

  • Arniston Lime Works

    Limekiln remains at the site of the nineteenth century Arniston Lime Works in Midlothian. Map evidence suggests that this kiln was in use during the 1850s.

  • A message from the natives

    Seen from the Forth & Clyde Canal at Camelon, which is a district of Falkirk. The locals were unfailingly friendly whilst I was there.

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