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  • Spoil run

    The colliery lines at Beipiao were rarely visited by enthusiasts due to the lack of action at any times. On my one visit it was hard work to find trains but we did manage to find SY 1550 on wagons of pit waste at the Yijing mine.

  • Maldon Mill

    Carr's Flour Mill, Maldon. The Carr business was founded by Jonathan Dodgson Carr in the 1830s and has two other mills at Silloth and Kirkcaldy. Since 2016 it has been owned by Whitworth Holdings. This mill was built in 1896 as a roller mill for Samuel Ga…

  • Steam in the maize fields

    SY 0477 drifts its train downhill from Pinggang Colliery on the Lishu section of the Jixi Coal Railway.

  • Shunting the washery

    Frosty steam action at Breza Colliery.

  • Hawk Woods kiln 4

    The highlight of a trip in search of old limekilns was the Hawks Wood quarry adjacent to the Chesterfield Canal at Thorpe Salvin. Four eighteenth century flare kilns have survived on the site which are excellent examples of the type of intermittent kiln t…

  • White on green

    Storage bunkers at Thrislington Quarry. Tarmac operates the Quarry which opened in 1954. It extracts and processes around one million tonnes of limestone and sand aggregate each year.

  • Gasholders

    The surviving gasholder at Carrickfergus gasworks was erected in 1949 and is the sole survivor of the three that were once on the site. In front is the base of one of the two earlier gasholders at The brick lined tank only needs water around the sides of…

  • Guardian of the bridge

    Detail from the iron bridge at Henbury Hall, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

  • End of the day

    Black 5 at Bury at the end of services on New Year's Day.

  • New sinking

    Small private coal mine under development in central China. This pit was well on the way to opening out for drawing coal. I saw dozens of similar workings on a short trip into this area.

  • Double bascule

    The harbour at Dunbar is in two parts divided by this double bascule bridge

  • Millinery etc.

    Memories of former shop use on this building in Truro. With the cream brick and red terracotta it was certainly eyecatching.

  • Sunset over the Edgware Road

    Winter sunset behind the cranes of London.

  • Shunting at Breza

    Shunting the washery at Breza Colliery on a dull and frosty morning.

  • The Ronda towers

    Ronda station sports not one but two water towers that once quenched the thirst of passing steam locomotives.

  • Soda ash

    Penrice Soda Products was founded by ICI in 1935 at Port Adelaide. The only soda ash production facility in Australia this plant was closed in 2014.

  • Taking a drink

    'Black 5' 44871 takes water at the Rawtenstall tower. Shortly afterwards whilst attempting to close the valve the chain fell off and landed on the fireman. This resulted in all the water draining out as there was no means of stopping it.

  • Towards Tuoyaozi

    Late on a winter afternoon as the empty wagons are taken back towards the mine loading point on the Huanan Coal Railway.

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