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  • When there were mines

    Two old coal shafts stand out clearly on the moors looking towards Blackclough from the A54 road close to Reeve Edge Quarries. These workings of Blackclough Colliery were active in the 18th century and perhaps even earlier.

  • Grain

    Viterra owned grain silos at Port Pirie on the Spencer Gulf in South Australia. The maximum loading capacity under the spouts is 800 tonnes per hour.

  • Braithwaite Tank

    A Braithwaite modular tank at Scunthorpe Steelworks. The Braithwaite company dates back to 1884 under the name of Braithwaite and Kirk at Crown Bridge Works, West Bromwich. Today the business continues as part of the Rowecord Group. www.braithwaite.co.uk

  • Völklingen

    M.A.N. waterless gasholder at the Saarstahl steelworks in Völklingen near Saarbrücken, in Saarland, Germany.

  • Reels Head

    Limekilns are often found in lovely rural positions. This well preserved example is at Reels Head, Marrick, Swaledale.

  • Middlewood Station

    150 276 leaving Middlewood for Buxton. This is one of the rare stations in the UK without road access. You have to walk through the woods or along the disused Macclesfield to Marple line in order to get there.

  • Buttercup Dairy Company

    Mosaic in the doorway to a former shop of the Buttercup Dairy Company Ltd which at its peak had over 400 shops across Scotland.

  • Lorry at the crossing

    A well loaded coal lorry waits at the crossing for SY 0973 to pass with a passenger service to Nanpiao as it leaves Xiamiaozi on the Nanpiao Coal Railway.

  • Q to X

    A line of tanks at the Scunthorpe steelworks. B to I are underneath. I am advised that they are for oxygen storage in case there is a problem with supply from BOC. Should be enough to finish off a BOS vessel to prevent losing a vessel.

  • Red Panda

    The Red Panda reminds me so much of our own badger which is not surprising as they are both mustelids whereas the Giant Panda is not closely related. This one was indulging in a bit of climbing at the Chengdu Panda Base.

  • Whyalla

    The Whyalla Steelworks operated by Liberty OneSteel is a fully integrated steelworks and the only manufacturer of rail in Australia. It processes iron ore from the Middleback Range. Approximately 1.2 million tonnes of raw steel is produced in the steelwor…

  • On the curve

    A morning tourist train on the curve above Jaioba on the Shibanxi Coal Railway. The introduction of the rather garish tourist coaches was, of course, matched by a fare increase of 1000% for those wishing to use them. The locals stick to the rather more ba…

  • Sheep do safely read

    The reading room at Appleton-le-Moors was first opened on Tuesday November 21st 1911, funded by Joseph Page and built by Glasgow based Speirs and Company. It fell into disuse around the 1940s but thanks to recent grants has been restored. The building is…

  • NO HGV's

    No entry to the processing plant at the Hanson quarry at Ingleton which extracts greywacke sandstone for aggregate. The greengrocer's apostrophe is a bonus.

  • Whites of Widnes

    Fallen pylon from the aerial ropeway that brought slate down from the mines and quarries on the slopes of Coniston Old Man to the mill at Saddlestone. The casting of the rope guide shows that the ropeway was manufactured by the Widnes firm of Richard Whit…

  • Gunnerside Panorama

    Having climbed the hill on the north side of Gunnerside the view up Swaledale revealed the vast number of field barns to be found in the Yorkshire Dales.

  • Watersplash and train

    The historic chute, situated next to Scarborough's Open Air Theatre, originally opened in 1932, after taking four years to build. In front runs a train on the North Bay Railway which was built in 1931 to the gauge of 20 inches. It runs for approximately 7…

  • Uphill push

    The remnants of a market litter the dusty street as SY 0527 pushes empty wagons up to the coal mines at Yaojie.

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