Posted on 05/26/2013

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new vs old dollyhair

new vs old dollyhair
You now get half the hair you used to! All my old hanks are 20-22g, all the new hanks with the new handwriting are 9-13g (9g on average when weighed out of the bag).
After years of buying from dollyhair and recommending their products, I'm looking for alternative sellers who ship to france. Please let me know where you purchase your hair and how it's been going!
I'm currently getting my hair from and hoping they get more saran colours in soon!

Tina from dollyhair very kindly sent extra hair so I could finish the half finished work I had but I can no longer shop there when their hanks are so small (8g on average) and they have such a shady way of doing business:
-Claiming the rival sellers's hanks are 0.3oz when they are 0.5oz,
-Suddenly halving hair weights on RD, 38" and MLP hanks without any warning to customers
-Hidden processing fees added to orders

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Standard hank weights and prices by sellers:
Retrodolls standard hanks are 0.45oz/13g each for $3.15 , XL are 1.65oz/47g for $11
Mylittlecustoms standard hank is 0.6oz/17g for $4.72
Restoredoll sell 2 skeins of 0.5oz/14g each for $5.65 ($2.87 each)
Dollyhair "RD" hank is 0.28oz/9g for $2.50 each