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Stuart looking forward to the weekend

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Momma Kitty has gone into the light

I don't really know how old she was. I suspect she was around 18 or 19. When we adopted her he said she was around 12. A few months ago we noticed she had a bloody spot on her chest. So we took her to see the vet. She had a huge tumor under her left front leg. We had the tumor removed and gave her lots of bed rest and special care. She recovered rapidly and was ready to go back outside in five weeks. She was so happy to get back outside and loving life again. We only had her for a little over six years. We…

Mr Stuart

Happy Tongue Tuesday

I'm ready for Monday


I found both of these on eBay.

My handsome Bugsey

Happy Whisker Wednesday

Charlotte was in the box

Until Baby chased her out

195 items in total