Jump plough in it's faded memory.

My first swap from Flickr.


Not impressed gull.


Painted beach

Emerald sea

The wind was straight from Antarctica giving the super clear water an emerald colour. Buried in the sand is an old ship wreck with small pieces sticking out in the sand & in the sea.

Still going

I thought I would try out the new G15 given to me to use on my motorbike rather than lugging the SLR, while smaller, they are harder to hold still. Not bad for a point & shoot. Anyway it was nice to see flowers out still with busy bees doing their stuff.

The rose

Roses are pretty tough if they can survive in our climate & I thought that this would make a colourful abstract.

Mortlock library

I have only been living here for 20 odd years and found this place a couple of km away. The place is so quiet and hardly anyone goes there, such a cool find amongst all the historic text.