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  • Sky sheep

    These guys remind me of how sheep behave as they blindly follow each other around the place playing their own version of Simon Sez.

  • Me and my car.

    For a while I have been sufferring from broken ribs and torn tendons in my hand together with no internet access; it was like being lost in my own little world cut off from others. This was edited for Sliders Sunday and is an accidental selfie of my car…

  • Lake Manapouri unwind

    No wind, no rain, no noise, no flies, no worries.

  • The Moeraki Boulders

    The Moeraki Boulders are unusually large and spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach. These boulders are grey-colored septarian concretions, which have been exhumed from the mudstone enclosing them and concentrated on the beach by coasta…

  • dam fence


  • Otago with a view

    Not the most pleasing composition but a colour contrast of the hydroelectric water channel to the brown of the plains with Mt Cook (NZ highest mountain) in the back ground. The blue of the water is minerals from the glacial melt. I couldn't work out how t…

  • On golden pond

    Dawn at Twizel, NZ

  • Fenced wild flowers

    Up in the high country guarding a hydro electric dam. HFF

  • Franz Jozef Glacier

    3000m high & 10km long, its hard to judge the size because there is nothing to compare against. The brown smears on the snow is dust blown across from Australia, the stuff that misses my pool :)

  • Sprit of the trees

    Some say that sprits live in the trees.

  • Disappearing glaciers

    The weather can change quite quickly this high up.

  • How to get your camera wet

    as the wind changes direction as it did here.

  • Marahau NZ

    Dusk, almost opposite the Fat Tui, the best takeaway burgers ever, at the entrance to Able Tasman National Park at the top of the South Island. The hills in the far distance are either the North Island or Malborough Sounds.

  • Foot of the hills

  • Glenorchy

  • Driftwood sculptures

    This is not a scene from a Mad Max movie but the last of a driftwood sculpture competion on the beach at Hokitika.

  • Lake Wanaka

    After riding over the cold, wet and misty pass, it was a relief to descend to the warm sunny climate in the Southern Alps in New Zealand. The windy roads are great on the bike and the views fantastic. The deep blues are from the high altitude and the mine…

  • Queenstown, NZ

    As seen in summer. I have just returned from 3 weeks of cruising the South Island on BMW adventure bikes. Hope to catch up soon.

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