London cycle safety protestors

How many cameras?

London cycle safety protestors

Life's a beach !

wnbr 2013

HOT pursuit - you don't have to be naked to join the peaceful WNBR protest. You go as bare as you dare to highlight the vulnerability of city cyclists in London and other cities through the World

london 2013

London Cyclist on her way home from the WNBR

london wnbr 2013

Taken near the finish of the WNBR in London. These two are seen heading down towards Buckingham Palace and Green Park. Nudity is used to highlight the vulnerability of cyclist but you can go as bare-as-you-dare. Body painting is recommended for those who wish to add a little colour other than skin tones

london summer in the park

This young lady and her friend missed the ride and were only seen at the finish but they did join later rides