Boscombe Down Aviation Collection - Old Sarum Airfield


The RAF Helicopter Development Unit Old Sarum Airfield Bristol Sycamore - this helicopter probably comes from Boscombe Down and is part of the rellocated air museum collection that is now at Old Sarum Airfield. However these helicopters were stationed at Old Sarum during the 1960's - "One new aspect of post war aviation, which was of interest to all three services, was the widespread use of helicopters. Accordingly, on 1 June 1961, the RAF element of the Helicopter Development Unit (HDU) was formed at Old…


This rich mix of colours and textures comes with the passing of years - Salisbury Cathedral Square[s]

New Sarum rises from the Old

meteor modifications

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection at Old Sarum

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The Bristol Sycamore Helicopter - The RAF Helicopter Development Unit was stationed Old Sarum Airfield

Salisbury Area

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