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26 May 2018 54
Not-quite full moon seen through double-glazing...

Fox, eye contact


23 Mar 2018 54
Fox sleeping

War Graves

25 May 2015 134
These servicemen were killed in the Beighton Rail disaster which claimed 14 lives. Detailed information can be found here:

Fire Exit

25 May 2015 108


25 May 2015 161
Underside of Western Bank dual carriageway. There are a lot of very large cobwebs under there.

Arts Tower

25 May 2015 121
Like a mighty ocean liner cleaving your tiny rowing boat in half

View from Quarry Hill North East

17 May 2015 136
Taken from the position of the First World War training trenches at Redmires in Sheffield.

Stuart Mitchell Knife

01 Jun 2014 241
Kitchen knife, hand made by Stuart Mitchell using SF100 grade Stainless Steel. SF100 grade Stainless is usually used for manufacturing razors, scalpels and other surgical instruments and has this composition - CARBON - 0.60% - 0.70% SILICON - 0.50% MAX. MANGANESE - 0.50% - 1.00% CHROMIUM - 12.00% - 13.50% SULPHUR - 0.025% MAX. PHOSPHORUS - 0.03% MAX. The presentation box contains this note - "This Centennial Knife has been manufactured to celebrate 100 years of Stainless Steel - an invention that was born in Sheffield and rapidly spread worldwide. The original Stainless Steel knives were crafted by Ernest Stuart 100 years ago for R.F. Mosley & CO. of Portland Works, Randall Street, Sheffield. They were made from an experimental block of steel provided by Harry Brearley of Brown-Firth who invented what is universally known as Stainless Steel in August 1913. This celebration Stainless Steel kitchen knife has been crafted and produced by Stuart Mitchell in his workshop at Portland Works in 2013. It has been made using Sheffield Stainless Steel donated by Brinsworth Strip Mills/TATA specifically for this project. This is a Limited Edition of 100 numbered knives. It has been designed and made to be used. It will last a lifetime...."

The dearth of originality in 21stC photography

29 May 2014 132
The nearest thing that came to hand. 100 identical 25mm spring-clips.

LED Light

18 May 2014 129
LED street lighting is being installed in Sheffield. They are very bright.

Price of a pint, 1990

05 May 2014 151
Life saver

Field Kit

04 May 2014 139
Dusty recorder

Wet Jag

20 Feb 2014 103
A car with raindrops

Grammar Street

10 May 2013 139
Grandad, me, in our backyard, behind a row of genuine 2-up 2-down houses on Grammar Street Sheffield. Late 1960s, prior to demolition of the entire area and rehousing on Kelvin Flats. See, I've always had a high hairline, receding, no? Tut.


14 Apr 2013 1 1 251
Contact sheet. Ilford HP5. From around 1988, the Zastava Yugo was first registered on 4 November 1988 and I remember he had just bought it new so some images from shortly after that date. Various images from wandering around the city, and of Hyde Park flats shortly before demolition. Incidentally the DVLA say the date of liability for the car was 1 May 1996, so it wasn't around very long. Image 1 was taken on Ecclesall Road somewhere near Hickmott Road, the machine may still be there. Images 3A and 4A were taken on the land where Heeley Retail park is now -,-1.480654&a... Images 8A, 9A, 10A and 11A were taken on Hyde Park Flats.. Images 12A and 13A are of Ponds Forge swimming pool being built and were taken from the top deck of a bus to Stocksbridge when on my way to work. Images 15A, 16A and 18A are of a Kawasaki Z400, while 19A and 20A show the sidecar that was attached to the motorbike.

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