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Photo replaced on January 12, 2016
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Maison Challard, La Souterraine 23300 Fr.

Maison Challard, La Souterraine 23300 Fr.
Most of the time we have to make a guess about the age of any particular building, based on personal knowledge, local history, materials & techniques, and so on, but here, thanks to the town's elders, we are certain. The house was the property of a jurisconsulte, - a lawer, called Joachim du Challard. He was born in La Souterraine - we are not told when, but we know that he died in 1562, and this fits in well with this style, from the early 16th century.

The work is of high quality, carved in granite, and borrows heavily from church masonry in both technique & style, and M. Challard must have been a wealthy man to have commissioned such work for a secular building. The door is later, of course, but suits the building well, made from oak boards of random width, - the central slot was for a letter flap, although this is now unused, a separate letter box is now mandatory in France.

1948 Kodak Tourist 620, 6X9, converted to 120 film. f4.5/105mm Kodak Anaston lens, X2 yellow filter, Fomapan 400 @800 in Diafine 4+4 mins @21C Scanned @1200dpi on Epson V500

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Robert Warren
Robert Warren
Very interesting. Very fine details. A very nicely worked film photo: no dust, no scratch...everything is nice. Is the Anaston lens a 3 or 4 elements lens?
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Robert Warren
Robert, many thanks for your encouragement!

The Anaston is a triplet, it has the "L" in a circle mark, means "Lumenized" - Kodak's word for hard coated ! Very sharp, and the cameras is very rigid when open, so the results are mostly pleasing, and among my many resolutions for 2016 is to use this camera more often ;-) !

I think the 4 element lens was the Anastar, it was a hard coated version of the Anastigmat Special that was on the Monitor - never seen a Tourist with an Anastar for sale in Europe !!

Best, Mike
3 years ago.
Robert Warren has replied to Mikeinlagardette
Many thanks for your answer. Its a very good triplet because the photos are great even in the corners. My little Bessa 66 has triplet (Vaskar) but there is vigneting in the corners... As for the Monitor, which I have, it has a great lens but mine is not luminized. I then purchased a Vigilant with the same Anastigmat Special lens, which had the Luminize symbol, but the coating of 1946 is not very effective.

I have read lately about two bath developpement, which you often use with great succes, and it makes me want to try it out.

Many thanks for your answer and I will look forward to see more of your nice photos taken with the Tourist.
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Robert Warren
Yes, I have read that the early Lumenizing was not the best! I have two Tourists, both 1948 first version with Anastons, and they are both superb, so maybe they got their act together by then?

As for two baths, except for Diafine, all you need to know is here: www.barrythornton.com
Click enter, then find Developers in the box at left, and click on Two Bath. He gives a convincing argument about why they are useful, and lists the formulae for Stoeckler's, Ansel Adams divided D23, and his own version, although I have never noticed any great difference between the last two!
3 years ago.
Nice work !
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Frode
Frode, many thanks again for your encouragement!
3 years ago.
Prima Foto!
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to tiltdesign2011
Ralf, vielen Dank nochmals!
3 years ago.
Your beautiful capture was admired in Historical & Architectural Gems.
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮
June, thanks for your encouragement!
3 years ago.
Tom Angelo
Tom Angelo
Beautiful texture and tones Mike ! A well preserved building for the age .....
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Tom Angelo
Tom, many thanks for your kind words!
3 years ago.

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