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Photo replaced on December 14, 2015
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Standing at the Window

Standing at the Window
I have never tried stand development with Caffenol, but an article by Henrique Sousa (Chronocrator) here: ( inspired me to give it a test. I used similar proportions of ingredients as those Henrique suggested, and although the negatives are rather thin, they are perfectly usable, as in this interior shot of a window in our house.

I used Foma Retro 320 Soft for this test - I bought a 30m roll of it, I don't like it, too coarse grain, even for "retro" style, so I might as well use it for testing purposes :-( !

I will try this technique again, but using a slightly different regime for agitation - here I gave 10 inversions initially, and then left to stand for 1 hour, with only a single inversion at 30 mins, so next time I'll give one gentle inversion at 5, 15, 30, 50 mins. A simpler alternative might be just to leave it in the developer for another 30 mins !! An interesting diversion! - Muitos obrigados, Henrique!

1983 Mamiya ZM, f1.7/50mm Sekor E lens. Foma Retro320 Soft in Caffenol: 10g washing soda, 10g soluble coffee, 5g ascorbic acid, 0.5g potassium bromide, water to 500ml. 5mins pre-soak. Ten inversions, then stand for 60mins @21C, one inversion at 30mins Scanned @2400dpi on Epson V500, Photofinished in Gimp.

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Tom Angelo
Tom Angelo
For this type of subject I think the grain and subtle tones make this a beautiful image.
This is a work of Art !! ( even though it was through a random test ) ha!
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Tom Angelo
Tom, many thanks for your generous comments!

I can see that this film would have possibilities in 120 format, but sadly it's only available in 135 or 4x5 sheet format, and I think 35mm is too small for this kind of photo anyway. It is available in a single 36 shot cassette now - wish I had waited ;-) !!

Best, Mike
3 years ago.
Tom Angelo has replied to Mikeinlagardette
I agree, a 30m roll is a lot of film to use ! Your creative eye and mind will find some use for it !
I still think the test image is beautiful !
From seeing your work I think we have one thing in common ... we go for the sharp, contrasty, and best tones we can achieve.
At the same time I love creative images that break (our) rules and this image is one of them !!!!
Best regards, Tom
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Tom Angelo
Hi Tom,
I'm not the most artistic of people, but like you, I enjoy presenting images that evoke interest, and part of that is trying to get the best quality out of the equipment being used - and one of the things that I enjoy most is using very simple cameras, that often produce surprising results!

To do this, it helps to have reasonably fine grained film and take care with the processing, so I suppose I have become a bit "staid" over the years, and concentrate too much on the technique, and not enough on the subject !! I'm glad you like this photo, - I like it, even though I am a bit out of my comfort zone!

I will explore these different approaches with some of my building photos in the future, I can see distinct possibilities there! I recently bought a few Orwo black & white films that expired in 1992 (I actually bought them for the SL cassettes, interchangeable with Agfa Karat & Rapid cassettes - cheaper with film than empty Rapid cassettes !!), so they might give some very "retro" results!

Good to still be able to do all this, - it did look at one point as if film production would cease altogether, but it seems it's actually gaining a little ground again:

Meantime, thanks again for all your encouragement,
Kind regards, Mike
3 years ago.
Tom Angelo has replied to Mikeinlagardette
Well Mike , like you I am stuck in the mind frame of getting the most defined sharp image along with good contrast and tones. We can let the creative types make images outside of the technical box and we can just enjoy them. haha !!
I have enjoyed our conversations .. keep up the great work !
Regards, Tom
3 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Tom Angelo
You too! may your studio lights never dim !!

Regards, Mike
3 years ago.
Tom Angelo has replied to Mikeinlagardette
Thanks Mike. My studio lights and table top photography are my favorite type of imagery !!
3 years ago.