Posted on 06/22/2015

Photo taken on June 20, 2015

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SNCF 140. C. 38 Continued

SNCF 140. C. 38 Continued
Here's another view of the old beast, perhaps giving a better idea of the location than the previous photo. There, I was standing in the area of what was once a second island platform, - to the right in this photo, and now we are looking towards the station, with the train standing on the relief line.

There were once four passing tracks here, and although this is only a single track line, in former times this was a very busy station because of the traffic coming from the now disused coal fields, so the size of the overgrown marshalling yard (Fr. triage?) is out of all proportion for a town of pop. 14,000 !!

This is a crop of about 3/4 of the original, and even viewed full size, these little cameras have got insanely sharp lenses, and this shot is one step below the maximum possible resolution - bit too much depth of field for my taste! This is a jpeg, and it's all smoke and mirrors of course, but the software that generates the picture must be very clever!

Canon Digital Ixus 960is, 7.7-28.5mm Canon zoom lens. Photo-finished in Gimp

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Robert Warren
Robert Warren
Its a very nice series and great infos!
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Robert Warren
Robert, thanks again for your kind words!
2 years ago.
Hi Mike, Great picture again !
GIMP G'MIC has a fake DOF -- (command '-gimp_blur_dof') -- particularart.com/tools-and-toys/gmic/beginners-cookbook/dyidiffusion/fake-depth-of-field
However (do not see this mentioned anywhere) this is of course adding a 2D effect that should be generated in a 3D space - mathematically not possible with one image - imho it could be done with 2 takes (but i don't think it exists) and furthermore the Gaussian blur is much too perfect when compared with an optic.
All this the reason I bought the f1.8 for the V1 -- still , considering the sensor size , this "only" translate in an (for the DOF) around f4.5/50mm on 35mm film which is not that bad.
(iirc from Nikon themselves about the f1.8 for the Nikon 1 system : img1.kakaku.k-img.com/images/article/pr/12/12_nikon1v2/p3_img19l.jpg (big big file))
(there's something on her nose , i do not like - kind of bluish tint )
best Rob
(i'll upload a test I did)
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to RobbeK
Hi Rob, thanks again! And thanks for the links, very interesting.

I think this DoF aspect of the (really, non-existent) argument about film v. digital is probably quite the most important, at least for me. As far as 35mm point 'n' shoots go, even a cheap digital is way superior, and easier, and cheaper, but the moment we start to compare with fast 35mm SLR lenses, or almost any MF camera, it is clear that quite large sums of money are needed to create effects similar to a film camera

Where digital totally triumphs is the ease and speed of use, and the quality is now remarkable, which is why they are almost universally used for commercial work, but I take photographs for fun, not to earn a living, so I am in the privileged position of being able to "mess around" with photography!

I could buy, say, a Nikon 7100D with a 50mm/f1.8 Nikkor, it has a full frame 35mm sensor, so would be just the same as my FM2, only vastly easier to use, but I expect there wouldn't be much change out of €800, but for the same outlay there is a huge range of very high quality Bronica, Mamiya, & Fuji medium format cameras available, and I'm not sure I'd get less fun out of one of those!

Of course, I will eventually get round to buying a decent digital camera, just like I changed from LP's to CD's, and from Sony Betamax to DVD's, or cars with power steering (!), it's inevitable, but I know it won't make any better photographs, just easier to get 'em !!

Best, Mike
2 years ago.
RobbeK has replied to Mikeinlagardette
Hi Mike ,
The f 1.2 for the Nikon 1 system should give decent DOF results :

but that's another £ 600 again ;-)
And then to use this lens under bright weather conditions and be able to use this effect , you need damn short exposure times - this f1.2 translates into f3.2 on a 35MM system DOF-wise (ok the Nikon 1 goes to 1/16000 sec, but many cameras do not -- expensive again ... the price for my V1 was a bargain , it is made like a 1000 € camera , - MagnesiumAl alloy etc .. , it just did not sell, an it was in the shops at liquidation prices hoping people maybe would buy the optics and other gadgets later for it - ok it probably works more or less , i bought the f1.8 prime (costed more than the camera) - every camera system should have at least one fast sharp prime.

"photographs for fun, not to earn a living, so I am in the privileged position"
Yes of course, the word amateur explains itself -- maybe somewhat obscure for some "monolinguistic Englishmen/ certainly American" (not you of course !!! ) - comes from the Latin amare meaning "love" . Flemish and German are more analytic (as usual) Liefhebber , Liebhaber someone who has love for ::: aficionado, enthusiast, fancier, lover etc ...

I'll make something to compare , including the extremely ugly fake DOF ...

best Rob

addendum : result here :
(the fake DOF is very quickly done - could be better - just to have an idea)
at least the prime shows some DOF, and also it's sharper , renders much more beautiful etc.. (they should have sold the camera with this lens imho , we do have feet , not ? ;-)
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Your beautiful capture was admired in Historical & Architectural Gems.
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to ╰☆☆June☆☆╮
June, thanks for your visit!
2 years ago.
Digital small sensors with wide angle and normal focal length will give images focused from a few centimeters to infinity. A way I use to cheat and produce real narrow DOF is to use tele zooming until I see more or less what I want.

Fantastic shot however and very nice post treatment. Lovely tones!
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Chronocrator
Henrique, thanks for your encouragement!

really, what I have said to Rob, above, but also, I suppose a bigger sensor with a fixed focus, and use the feet, just like old times !! ;-))

Best, Mike
2 years ago.