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  • Zion National Park

    Sunset at Canyon Junction, one of the most beautiful places in the park at sunset. Lit up peak is, once again, the Watchman, and cottonwood trees line the banks of the Virgin River.

  • DTW sunset

    Gorgeous sunset tonight at Detroit International Airport. This was taken out the airplane window while sitting on the taxiway.

  • Mt. Shuksan and the Nooksack River

    I took at drive up the Mt Baker Highway in Washington State this evening. It was kind of a wet evening but the skies were rather dramatic.

  • Olympic National Park

    This is a rather odd mutation of the avalanche lily found in Olympic NP and other places. This one had two blossoms on the same stalk, both, it appeared, from the same bud. Of the many hundred other I looked at I did not see another like this.

  • broadleaf lupine

  • harsh paintbrush

  • clustered thistle

  • rockslide larkspur

  • western wallflower

  • silky phacelia

    Taken on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, WA.

  • prairie smoke

  • western pasque flower

  • cascades penstamon

  • nootka rose

  • heartleaf arnica

  • howell's violet

  • Shooting stars

    Also along the Caribou Ridge Trail on Mount Coeur d'Alene.