• Mystery earthworks 1

    One day as I was watering a new fern near a backwater on our small creek, I noticed a small dam wall built (but didn't have my camera). I was particularly aware of how 'created' it was, particularly a very smoothed part of the wall on the 'inside'. I was…

  • Join Marissa for a walk up our gully

    the day after the flood. This is the creek that flows through our land intermittently. . . . photo MR

  • Yesterday's excitement

    photo KR

  • It was very high!

    for a short while. . . . . . photo KR

  • Strong ferns

    holding tight. . . . . . photo KR

  • Magical goldfish

    As I looked at this scene on my computer screen late last night, one of the 'goldfish' started swimming up the screen! After a moment of shock, I realised that it was a tiny orange moth that must have been attracted to the red Blue Fig leaves scattered on…

  • Excitement at night

    After nearly an hour of continuous lightning lighting up the garden, and watching out the western side, mesmerised by the swaying tree tops, I looked out the eastern side to see this! . . . . . . photo KR

  • Tensile strength

    This is a shot of water extending right up to the edge of the patio, but it didn't go onto the the patio. . . . . photo KR

  • Heart Slug (Triboniophorus graeffei) or Red Triangle Slug

    On the back door, escaping the latest flood. . . . . photo KR

  • Heart Slug (Triboniophorus graeffei) or Red Triangle Slug

    On the back door, escaping the latest flood. . . . . photo KR

  • view from my new bedroom

    photo KR

  • View from my new bedroom, from my bed!!!! :~)

    The scattered red leaves are from the many Blue Fig trees. . . . . . . photo KR

  • Dangerous development

    I'll need to dig some out on the eastern side to stop the excessive volume of water coming closer to the house. The view from my bedroom looking north, although this was taken from further south on the verandah. . . . . photo KR

  • Louisiana Irises and Iris Virginicus flattened

    in the flood of water. . . . . . photo KR

  • Stream Lilies standing tall after a massive flash flood that flattened all the irises

    On NYE we had over 300mm of rain in about 3 hours. The resulting flood was huge. . . . but the Stream Lilies stood firm in the midst of the pounding water: www.ipernity.com/doc/297345/36483886. Amazing plants!. I heard from my next door neighbour today th…

  • sunrise in the rainforest

    photo KR

  • latest landslip on a property near us

    photo MR

  • latest landslip on a property near us

    Luckily it didn't cover the road. Result of the tail end of Cyclone Debbie. . . . . . photo MR

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