Posted on 06/21/2015

Photo taken on June 20, 2015



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A glimpse of Happiness

A glimpse of Happiness
I am so run off my feet, I can't stop and enjoy the process of life. I am tired and I am catching up on doing those things I put off due to the court case. I've also had the worry of Tabitha having 6 teeth extracted two days earlier to this photo taken. Earlier in the day, I had noticed from my window birds attracted to something but I couldn't tell what it was. This is very far away. I came home from shopping and I noticed a bird at this spot but I still couldn't work out exactly what it was even though I was closer to it. The day was quiet and still. We had just finished days of grey and wet weather, and this was our first sunshine break. I broke out of my worries and I felt the peace, and the quiet, the bird was eating something, it was such a beautiful moment, I felt it....I got my camera and came out, but the bird was gone, regardless I zoomed right in and got a few shots....I love this photo....it's just as beautiful without the bird there. The sun on it's way to go down; the long shadows giving a peaceful air; the colours; and it's a moment of natural beauty. This apple is across the road from me. I now park on the street so the back neighbour can't see when I leave and come home. They can't see my car when it's on the street. It's made my life difficult. With arthritis in my feet, I have much further to walk, also with the arthritis in my back I have to carry the groceries much further to get inside the house....but I feel safer knowing that the back neighbour can't see my movements. I've found when it rains a lot, the cats get quite bored and there is no undercover for them outside in the back yard. And they are demanding. I need to now enclose my front verandah so they can sit outside and leave me alone when it rains. Since this image is across the road, they will be able to see so much more beauty from the front verandah. Myself and the cats used to watch the sun go down and all the lovely activities you can't see from the back yard. I feel there is some simple beauty here...the birds love that apple someone had dropped....they fed from it all day. There is no fear in this photo, there was freedom and happiness, and some luck, the birds were lucky someone discarded or dropped a nice apple...and they were at peace to enjoy the day without any worries.