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" 1: 1 EXCLUSIVEMENT des Appareils photo et équipement -1:1 ausschließlich Fotoapparate sowie Ausrüstung "

new polaroid cameras - impossibly kind

new polaroid cameras - impossibly kind 

** an incredibly kind gift from micritter!! **

arrived today - have already taken photos with both cameras. (this one taken with my first SX-70)

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 Pam J
Pam J club
Laura ...

He is a very special man that Peggy C and I have had the pleasure of meeting.
2 years ago.
micritter club has replied to Pam J club
Pam, you are much too kind. You and Peggy are the special people. I'm just an old man who was very lucky to meet the two wonderful Ipernity women in person.
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to micritter club
i love it - we have a mutual admiration party going!
2 years ago.
LutzP club
... never had one, but even the great Ansel Adams used it to demonstrate, that the cam is only the tool of the photographer and exhibited once only polaroids (so I heard)
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to LutzP club
i'd forgotten that Ansel Adams used one. I'll have to look that up. Just saw wonderful documentary movie called 'The B-Side' about Elsa Dorfman who used the huge Polaroid camera 20x24.
2 years ago.
 Marko Novosel
Marko Novosel club
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Marko Novosel club
i was very very pleased!
2 years ago.
 Marie-claire Gallet
Marie-claire Gallet club
What a nice gift, Laura !!!!!!!! Wish you a wonderful week-end !!!!
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Marie-claire Gallet club
It was indeed. New toys are inspiring.
2 years ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
A terrific present! My mum adored her old polaroid (a bit too much, it often got in the way of family events!). She hasn't taken a photo since those days; no digital or phone cameras for her!
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Andy Rodker club
There are a couple was to take instant photos these days. Fujifilm has some instant cameras. I believe they are all small format. Then if she still has a polaroid camera, you can get film for it now from 'the impossible project' impossible film can be found online and in some stores. the u.s. website is: i believe there is a european website for them as well.
2 years ago.
Andy Rodker club has replied to raingirl club
A very good idea, Laura. Thank you very much!
I will investigate - because it might be just the thing for my mum!
I will let you know what I find out.
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Andy Rodker club
2 years ago.
cp_u club
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to cp_u club
i'm so lucky!
2 years ago.
 Doug Shepherd
Doug Shepherd club
Lucky girl - have a great weekend.
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Doug Shepherd club
the generosity of ipernity members never ceases to amaze me.
2 years ago.
 Kama 56
Kama 56 club
le plaisir de l'instantané.
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Kama 56 club
oui! j'aime beaucoup!! je joue avec polaroid pour beaucoup ans. c'est un cadeux a "nouveux" camera.

(please excuse my French)
2 years ago.
 J. Gafarot
J. Gafarot club
Back in time.
Also called reverse engineering.
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to J. Gafarot club
I love that 'reverse engineering' is so awesome. i prefer objects that do just one thing and do it well.
2 years ago.
 M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !! ( Marj )
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club
What a wonderful gift ... how lucky you are Laura !!! I love your image !!
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club
It is a great gift! I am lucky for sure. Glad you like the photo. That's with newer impossible film - I also play with older film to get funky results.
2 years ago.
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club has replied to raingirl club
I want to take photos with old film will do so one day !!!
2 years ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
I didn't know you could still get Polaroid cameras, let alone the photo papers. You have fun and enjoy playing with them
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Jenny McIntyre club
As micritter says below, the cameras aren't "new", just new to me. You can, however, buy refurbished cameras from the impossible project (pretty expensive - i just search goodwill etc). and the impossible project has created new film for the cameras. kind of a renewal a bit like we are doing here on ipernity! i was in on the start up of the project in that i bought test film that helped fund them learning how to make their chemicals work well. i loved the test film, kind of sorry to see it go, but the important thing is that there is film for the cameras.
2 years ago.
micritter club
Thank you raingirl, and thank you all for your much-too-kind comments. I should explain that those were old cameras that I know I will never use again and they were just taking up room in my drawer. I knew from seeing her images that raingirl used Polaroid-type film, so she was gracious enough to allow me to reclaim some drawer space by accepting them.
2 years ago.
 Treasa Ui Cionaodha
Treasa Ui Cionaodha club
Nice photo. Nice gift to get. Well done Laura Regards Tess
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Treasa Ui Cionaodha club
Thanks. It's so much fun to have a new toy or two to play with - new inspiration.
2 years ago.
Rabbitroundtheworld club
great fun!
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Rabbitroundtheworld club
oh yes - and as soon as i can get my kitty off my lap, i have some photos taken with them to post!
2 years ago.
 Diane Putnam
Diane Putnam club
Oooh, yay!
2 years ago.
raingirl club has replied to Diane Putnam club
I love new toys to play with. And to get them through such generosity is even better.
2 years ago.

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