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BJD Meme

BJD Meme
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1:From all the dolls you own,who is your favourite and why
Clay, which should be obvious if you look at my gallery, LOL. She is my favourite because she is made up of my favourite colours and because I rarely have a time where she's not cooperating with my camera. If she's not cooperating, chances are I'm doing something wrong.

2:Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting
I think I got into it because of a couple people I was friends with at the time. I really liked having something visual to put my OCs in, since I can't draw.

3:Name the very first doll you ever bought
Clay, hahaha. This is also tied with Izzy, though, since I bought them at the same time. However, current doll Izzy isn't the same as the one I have now. It's the same mold, but a newer casting.

4:Which doll do you plan to buy next
Hahaha I have no idea, I have so many options. Crobidoll Yeon-ho, Dreaming Doll Lia and some kind of MNF are on the top of the list atm.

5:Are you currently waiting on any dolls

6:How many dolls do you currently have
Um…8? I think.

7:Name the very last doll you bought
Ducky, my YoSD Colin.

8:What is the worst thing about this hobby
It's a tie between drama and people who have hideous dolls (for various reasons).

9:What is the best thing about this hobby
Is it sad that I don't even know? I enjoy taking photos but I really don't know what else keeps me doing this.

10:Which is your best dolly photo (of yours) (copy the link and paste using [ ] at either end
Probably []?

11:Which is your favourite BJD company
Honestly I don't have a favourite. I know lots of people probably think I only like Volks/Dream of Doll, but it's not true. Dream of Doll was my first company and so for a while I only really saw dolls from them, and then after that I was trying to match the look of my dolls so I wanted them from the same company for consistency. For the YoSDs I just thought they were fucking adorable and no one else was doing really cute tiny dolls at the time that I started buying them, and the for the same consistency reason as before, I just got more from Volks.

12:Who are on your wish list
The dolls I listed that I want to buy next haha. I've also contemplated getting a second Mir because I would love to do Mir twin photos.

13: Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased
Lacy, which is why she's gone now.

14: Who's your favourite face up artists
…I honestly haven't commissioned enough artists to pick. I've only commissioned 2 people. Online I love the look of Cats10, Andreja and Meggilu and if I ever had the money to commission one of them I would do it in a heartbeat.

15:What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc
Well first and foremost I have to like the face, LOL. After that I have to consider whether or not they'll be a pain in the ass to photograph because their bodies don't pose. DOD is terrible for posing, while Volks YoSDs are adorable and have a bit more flexibility than DOD (though I think FL's tinies are the most poseable I've seen).

16:Anything else you'd like to add
I think I've rambled enough, LOL.