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For the Wolf Time!

For the Wolf Time!
As the soldiers under King Agnar march North, through the mountain ranges, they come to a narrow bridge above an icy river. The river, full of broken ice from the spring thaw, is creating a lot of noise. The column stops under orders of Hildir.
"This is the perfect spot for an ambush." Hildir whispers to Agnar. "The river is creating a lot of noise. We wouldn't hear them."
"What do you think we should do?" Says Agnar.
"There is nothing we can do. We need to cross the river and this is the only place for miles. We just need to keep a watchful eye for the enemy."-Hildir
"Alright, lets make sure the men are ready."-Agnar
"Men! Watch! For the enemy may be near! We must--"
Agnar never finished his sentence, for an arrow has pierced his chest. Agnar falls over the railing and into the icy river, swept by its currents. The archer, none other than Aldin of Amroth, smiles and walks back into the high grass and the forest.
"Agnar! No!!" Yells Hildir.
With that, the men rush across the bridge headed for the Archers when soldiers, wearing the clothes of Amroth and Kaldrland Royalists, jump out of the brush on both sides of the river. Hildir, his grief filling him, orders shield walls made on both sides of the river. One Amroth trooper rushes the shield wall on the bridge, only to be knocked through the railing, hitting the water head first. The archers, realizing their positions is compromised, tries to lose the men in the underbrush, only to be met with spears to the back.
"For Agnar! For the Wolf Time!" Screams Hildir, causing Cheers from the ranks. The Wolves of Southern Kaldrland have been released and will not be put back into their cage that is someone elses leadership. They beat back the Amroth invaders under heavy casualties. But the death of Agnar has done more than anything he could have done alive. Men rally under the banner of Hildir, the banner of the Wolf. Soon, their numbers swell to five times the size of what they had before. Hildir shall have blood for the death of his brother.