Stormie Tillada

Stormie Tillada

Posted on 06/09/2013

Photo taken on June  9, 2013

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Seperating ways

Seperating ways
After Allan and Midge agreed to Raquelle and Ryan’s favor.

Allan, Raquelle, Ryan and Midge
Raquelle: Come on now Grandpa, I’ll tell you everything later. For now just move and go.

Allan: Please don’t call me grandpa I’m just 20 years old, I have my one name. My name is Allan Sherwood and I’m the best friend of Ken.

Raquelle: You’re the BESTFRIEND OF KEN!!!?? Is that really true?

Allan: Yes, we’re from Willows Wisconsin.

Raquelle: where’s that?

Allan: It’s where we grew up. Barbie, Ken, Midge and me and why are you asking so much?

Raquelle: Please tell more about Ken PLEASE!!!

Allan: why do you care so much? Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend now.

Raquelle: tssss.. Barbie, She’s the reason why Ken didn’t like me and hey you grandpa, I’m not doing this for a reason, Barbie told us that whenever we saw you both wandering in the streets, grab the chance and separate your ways.

Allan: why would she do that?

Raquelle: Why are you asking so much? Just move along. Me and Ryan will give you color, We’ll shop new clothes for you and Barbie said that Midge should arrive at her Mansion Alone so don’t as more questions or I’ll bite you.


Ryan: Wait a minute!! I’m telling directions
Ryan to Midge

Ryan: so go straight and turn left and you’ll see a big mansion there. That’s Barbie’s Mansion.

Midge: That easy?

Ryan: Yes, That easy. So, we’ll be there later wait for us, Allan is going to be fine we promise

Midge: Okay, Please tell him that take good care of my typewriter.

Ryan: okidoks a

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