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  • Tag Game: Doll in your Kitchen

    "I think we're gonna need a bigger pizza cutter!" I was tagged by Tohimo, Connie & masusa83. Thanks :) Rules: Take a picture of your doll somewhere in your kitchen & have Fun! All who view are tagged!!

  • Thunderbird 5

    SHADO Interceptors are scrambled with S.I.D. detects a small UFO in the vicinity of Thunderbird 5... but it looks like it was just a false alarm? Konami's TB5 and SHADO Interceptors (again with some photoshopping to try to make up for scale issues).

  • The Walk of Shame

    The neighbours heard the screams and called the cops! Mr Cloney protests his innocence - it's not his record, he's never seen it before... he's never ever done Smurf! "That's what they all say," mutters the arresting officer as he slaps the cuffs on Clon…

  • Mr Cloney's Criminal Record

    No! Say it ain't true! Toyville's coolest, most suave and debonair man* has a Smurf record in his collection!?! The shock! The horror! The career-ending scandal! Yeah, remember what I was saying about a damp squib of an ending? * besides ol'Baghead hi…

  • Choosing a Soundtrack

    The dollies look through Mr Cloney's record collection (which could almost be as cool as him!) for the soundtrack to tonight's party. Ayumi likes the sound of this Miles Davis LP... ... but then *IT* happens and the world will never be the same again...

  • Colette makes her move

    Though Victoria Parker is somewhat peeved at being interrupted! Mr Cloney, however, is loving all the attention... ... obviously loving it too much to have read the description under the first picture in this party sequence... something terrible is about…

  • "ppssttt... watch out for Elise, she's a real bitch!"

    Poppy passes on some sage advice to the new Toyville arrival Kyori... ... let's just hope no one else overheard!

  • Art Appreciation

    Speccy Erin, Toyville's resident arty-type, tries to extol the virtues of these cool spoof retro travel posters but something else has just caught Sebastian Valentine's eye ... and it's not the bearded collie!

  • Old Guys Rule

    They're probably just after Bruce Wayne's telephone number though.

  • An Ending?

    I'm getting a feeling from this that former GI Joe Stalker's time with Polynesian Poppy is coming to an end? :( Perhaps she's grumpy that, after several months, I still haven't found a proper name for her?

  • Aldous Pewty Jnr.

    Uhoh, somehow lowlife wannabe movie mogul Aldous Pewty has got in - looks like he's found a potential lead actress in tall, blonde Scandavian Eve Brisby for his 'Bikini Viking Bitches vs. The Jello Beasts from Nymphos' blockbuster... I think I'm gonna ne…

  • Party at Mr Cloney's

    It's a never ending party at Greg Cloney's penthouse appartment - literally! I meant to take the set down after last Xmas... but several months later it's still there; it's where all the FR girls tend to go to see and be seen. ... but the party for Mr C…

  • "Drokk!"

    Dredd switches to his Lawgiver's armour-piercing ammo to bring down this rampaging robotic perp.

  • "I am The Law!"

    Freshly arrived at the Toyville Block this morning; the 'Heavy Armoured Special Cop' from Art Figures, though his box only announces him as 'Artistic Interpretation'. Today's toy is brought to you by the words 'bootleg' and 'lawyers' ;) Absolutely crac…

  • Flying with the Angels

    Thunderbird 1 is given a guard of honour. More fun with the Konami SF miniatures; little bit of photoshopping (well, actually PSP7-ing) required as their Angel Interceptors and TB1 models are the same size.

  • The Xenome Encounter

    The GI Joe Adventure Team astronauts explore the derelict hulk of the USS McDare as it's orbit decays around the seemingly dead planet Xenome. Can the Joes find any survivors, discover what tragedy befell the McDare and unlock the secret of planet Xenome…

  • Thunderbird 4

    It's not the giant octopus in front of Thunderbird 4 that Gordon Tracy ought to be worried about, it's that enormous one just appearing behind! A little bit of fun with the Komani TB4 model, some bits of rock, fishtank decor, plastic toys and glitter car…

  • Behind the Scenes - the beast that stalks the forest!

    A quick BTS shot of my latest forest set-up - the usual mix of aquarium/vivarium plants, artificial branches for flower arrangements, cork bark tubes etc. ... and a little helper; Mr Scabs - he turned up on our doorstep a couple of months ago in a rainsto…

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