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  • pansy quilt

    blogged at: fortheloveofneedleandthread.blogspot.ca/ 2013/12/i-entered-sewing-contest.html

  • quilt back

    I pieced the back this way, so that it's reversible. With the blocks placed at the foot of the bed, it's like a bedrunner effect. I plan on making pillowcases and throw pillows to match.

  • right side of sewing room

    At the back, is an old White machine we picked up at a garage sale for $25. Works beautifully for straight and zigzag stitching. There is also my Necchi Lelia machine which is good for heavier weight fabrics like denim. My design board conceals metal shel…

  • left side of sewing room

    My old childhood desk holds my machine that does simple embroidery stitches. Next is my peg board to hold mats and rulers and below is a change table. The cats love to sleep there, but I can remove their bed and put a small ironing board there. Eventually…

  • my new sewing room

    It used to be my husbands' workshop, with no drywall or ceiling tiles, flooring, etc. He renovated it completely himself, just for me. Yes, he's a sweetie :) I could not be happier with how it turned out!

  • ♥ Cheyenne ♥

    ♥ Cheyenne ♥ March 2/99 - June 22/13 Sure do miss you, girl.

  • Cheyenne

    Like most Labs, she loved the water and would even swim behind the canoe or kayak.

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  • painting

    my 5 year old with a painting she did at school.

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