• Nederland - Noordoostpolder, tulips

    Red and yellow tulips in the Noordoostpolder between Emmeloord and Espel.

  • Nederland - Julianadorp, Tulpen Pluktuin

    Surrounded by the largest bulb flower fields of the world lies the stunningly colourful ‘Tulpen Pluktuin’. This Tulip Picking Garden shows hundreds varieties of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and many others. It is possible to stroll through the garden, tak…

  • Nederland - Anna Paulowna, Poldertuin

    After the construction of the Anna Paulownapolder an office of the water board was built in Kleine Sluis. The stately home is locally known as ‘Polderhuis’. In 1885 the ‘Poldertuin’ (Polder garden) around the house was designed by landscape architect Jan…

  • Nederland – Limmen, Hortus Bulborum

    The Hortus Bulborum is the only museum garden in the world where you can find over 4,000 different tulip, hyacinth, daffodil and other bulbous cultivars, species and varieties in bloom. Every spring the garden transforms into a treasure trove full of dazz…

  • Nederland - Zijpe

    Flowering tulips between Schagerbrug and Callantsoog (nearby De Stolpen).

  • Nederland - Callantsoog

    Flowering hyacinths between Schagerbrug and Callantsoog.

  • Nederland, Egmond aan den Hoef

    Traditional bulb fields can be found around Egmond. These - often smaller - fields are located at the foot of the dunes. Bulb growers find an ideal soil for growing their bulbs, consisting of a mixture of dune sand and clay; in Dutch called ‘geestgrond’.

  • Nederland - Beemster, tulips

    The ‘Beemster’ is the first so called polder in the Netherlands that was reclaimed from a lake by using windmills. The ‘Beemster Polder’ was created during the period 1609 - 1612. The clay of the polder turned out to be very fertile for growing tulips an…

  • Nederland - Julianadorp

    Blooming tulips around the village of Julianadorp. Julianadorp is located in the so called Top of North Holland, a region offering vast fields of tulips, hyacinths and narcissus in all kind of colours.

  • Nederland - Bollenstreek

    Bulb and Dune Region: tulips in the Netherlands.

  • Nederland - Lisse, Duin- en Bollenstreek

    Dune and Bulb Region (Duin- en Bollenstreek): Dutch as it can be with blooming orange tulips on one of the many fields nearby the famous 'De Keukenhof'.

  • Nederland - Den Haag, Lange Voorhout

    Blooming crocuses in front of the famous hotel ‘Des Indes’ in The Hague.

  • Nederland - Apeldoorn, Oranjepark

    Apeldoorn, Oranjepark - spring is in the air.

  • Nederland – Dwingelderveld

    Dwingelderveld National Park is a heathland and woodland reserve of 3,700 hectares in the south-western part of the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. It is Europe's largest wet moorland area, covered by numerous moors, idyllic fens and marsh flats f…

  • Nederland - Noordoostpolder, Schokland

    Schokland - a UNESCO world heritage site - with the church of the island, seen from the polder with lots of common dandelions.

  • Nederland - Jelsum, Dekema State

    Dekema State: drive way from the Dekemawei to the mansion with lime trees pruned like a candelabrum. (De oprijlaan met gecandelaberde linden, ook wel 'zwarte singel' genoemd'.)

  • Nederland: Apeldoorn - Dierens Kanaal

    Apeldoorn - Dierens Kanaal is the second part of the Apeldoorns Kanaal, a waterway from Hattem in the north to Dieren in the south. After arriving of King Willem I digging of the northern part started in 1825. Plans for the southern part between Apeldoorn…

  • Nederland - Oosterhuizen/Lieren

    Autumn along the 'Apeldoorn - Dierens Kanaal' nearby Oosterhuizen. This is the second part of the 'Apeldoorns Kanaal', a waterway from Hattem in the north to Dieren in the south. After arriving of King Willem I digging of the northern part started in 18…

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