Uspez's photos

  • LL-932 Cosmic Neutralizer

    The Cosmic Neutralizer has big guns, shield buster bombs, scatter missiles, big engines, long range capabilities, a rover, the newest model robot on board, a two person cockpit and a giant spoiler: alone or protecting a convoy, this is a very capable craf…

  • Glave2014

    Tenitrious Sark has not stopped making improvements to the Glave. Modifications to the Glave II include: foldable wings, various weight saving measures, improved landing mode, canons mounted slightly askew, VTOL boosters added to bottom of craft, improve…

  • Vic Viper -- Stealth

  • GARC Racer -- Slammer

  • GARC Racer -- Shiny Bits

  • VOAT -- Dread Wisp

  • GARC Racer -- Techno Ohmu

  • NF 928

  • Ma.K -- Trilobite

  • VOAT -- Glave II

  • Crimson Rose, Strahl Weltraumwache

  • GARC Racer -- Chromedome