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The reason for my "Noooo ...!!!" is that I only noticed the little Ladybug when I got home and looked at my photo on the computer! I was standing way back and zooming in, concentrating on trying to keep the flower in my viewfinder (it was so windy, as it always seems to be). So, I didn't see the black and white beetle - and it's a NEW one for me. Ha, I'm trying not to think about the possible macro I could have taken! Now, if only it would still be around next time I go. I don't know if this could be t…


Poppy burst

Loved the golden glow behind this bursting Poppy bud, seen at the Reader Rock Garden on 29th September 2010. One of my favourite things to photograph. I was fortunate enough to be invited by birding friends, John and Lorrie, to go with them and a friend in search of Snowy Owls for a few hours today. We travelled the backroads east of the city and managed to see three Owls, all distant, though not too bad by the time they are heavily cropped. Two were far away across a field (one useless as far as photos…


Delicate bloom

Taken at the Reader Rock Garden on 7 July 2010. I think the background was from a gravel path or a stone wall. Not completely sure, but I think this is Centaurea dealbata (Persian Cornflower).


Bowing its head

Another photo from my archives, put aside when I was backing up a few more old photo files recently. Taken at the Reader Rock Garden on 28 July 2010. I always enjoy trying to photograph Lilies : ) Here in Canada, it is the Canada Day (July 1st) long weekend. Have a happy time, everyone - and, please, drive safely!

Blowing in the wind

Most times that I decide to call in at the Reader Rock Garden, it's windy or very windy. Yesterday, after a botany walk all morning, followed by a volunteer shift in the afternoon, I thought I'd call in before driving home. It had been pretty much impossible to photograph any wildflowers earlier in the day, and the wind continued while I was Reader's. I was glad that I went, though, as I realized that the Calgary Stampede starts off tomorrow morning, with the world famous Stampede Parade. The Stampede G…

Colour and light

Time for a bright splash of colour to be added to my photostream. I tend to post a warm-coloured image like this on a very cold or very grey day, but at the moment, our temperatures are way too hot for my liking, especially indoors, with 32C-34C in my computer room. All being well, after next week, I should have windows that I can actually open - the present ones get stuck if you try to open even just a few inches as the glass has come away from the vinyl (?) strips, so I have to keep them shut. After 14…


Poppy in the sunlight

Just noticed that this is an old photo from my archives. Taken at Reader Rock Garden on 30 June 2010. That Panasonic FZ35 was a good little camera. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families and friends who were involved in the tragic shooting spree in a movie theatre in Colorado last night. At the moment, it is known that 12 people were killed and 52 injured. So much sadness for so many people.

A world of green

Poppy seedpods seen at Reader Rock Garden two days ago, 8 August 2012.


Bee on Globe Thistle

I always think these Globe Thistles are fun to photograph - amazing that the detail is as sharp as it is, as it always seems to be very windy when I call in at the Reader Rock Garden. I suspect there has been a huge amount of hail and rain damage to the plants recently, unfortunately. Taken on 8 August 2012. "Echinops is a genus of about 120 species of thistles in the daisy family Asteraceae, commonly known as globe thistles. They are native to Europe east to central Asia and south to the mountains of tr…
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