Like between ripped paper

Frank Lake & area

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Like between ripped paper

When I first looked at this photo, I almost felt as if I was viewing Frank Lake and the distant Rocky Mountains through a frame of ripped paper : ) We had a few hours south of the city today, searching sloughs (ponds) and Frank Lake for birds. Frank Lake is a well-known location and very popular with birders. I was very happy to see a Western Meadowlark, even though it was perched on a most unphotogenic, distant road sign, LOL. Took quite a few photos, but mainly landscapes - and most not really worth k…

Female Gadwall

Came across two young people from Ducks Unlimited who were catching, banding and releasing ducks at Frank Lake, south of Calgary. They willingly picked up and held several different species, resulting in a chance to take some close-ups!

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Love seeing Yellow-headed Blackbirds, and there are usually plenty to be seen at Frank Lake.

As if floating in clouds

Just a simple shot of reflected reeds and clouds, taken at Frank Lake, south east of Calgary.

Mallard female

A rather strange angle for a shot, taken at Frank Lake, south of Calgary.

Boreal Chorus Frog

I took this shot almost five years ago and posted a very cropped version almost four years ago - my, how time flies : )! We found this tiny Boreal Chorus Frog down at Frank Lake, south of the city, and a friend held it up for a quick photo. Wanted to post the barely-cropped version.

White-faced Ibis

A friend very kindly invited me to go south of the city today to a place called Frank Lake. The weather was overcast for a good part of the morning but the sun did finally come through just before we returned home. We saw a great variety of birds, which was a real treat. Most were far away in the distance, but I have been able to bring them a little closer with cropping. It was a thrill to see several White-faced Ibis at Frank Lake. Unfortunately, thanks to the dull weather, my birds came out more like…

Maximillan Sunflower seedhead

There was just something I liked about this image of a seedhead of the Maximillan Sunflower. We don't usually get this flower growing here, but there is a plant or two growing wild out at Frank Lake, south of the city.

Barn Swallow

I rarely see this species, so I thrilled to bits when I saw this little Swallow perching on the fence at the "hide" at Frank Lake.
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