Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Posted on 10/13/2015

Photo taken on July 31, 2015

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Anne Elliott
W of Calgary
West Bragg Creek
Tall Larkspur
Delphinium glaucum
31 July 2015

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Tall Larkspur / Delphinium glaucum

Tall Larkspur / Delphinium glaucum
Taken in harsh light on 31 July 2015, when I was out all day having a great time with friend, Darlene, going west of the city. We first called in at someone's private property to see if there was any sign of the Red-bellied Woodpecker that had been reported. No luck, but we did see many beautiful Evening Grosbeaks and even more Pine Siskins, plus a Hairy Woodpecker and several other birds. Also, we saw a different Grosbeak, either a female or a juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak (or Black-headed Grosbeak, but it did have red under the wings).

After this visit, we drove to an area where I had been told that a Great Gray can be seen sometimes (no luck). A bit further along the gravel road, we stopped and walked a short way along one of the trails at West Bragg Creek. This is where we saw several brightly coloured butterflies.

Back at the car, we decided to drive along Elbow Falls Trail (Highway 66) as far as Maclean Pond, just in time to see an Osprey flying overhead with a large fish in its talons. So few birds to be seen or heard - maybe it was just too hot for them, and by then it was the afternoon, which tends not to be the best time to see birds, anyway. This is where I photographed this Tall Larkspur (poisonous).

We got separated for quite a long time, through miscommunication, probably because when I yelled through the forest "Are you still coming?", it had sounded to Darlene like "I'm coming"! So, she waited for me to reach her and I had assumed that she was following behind me, some distance back. Apparently, both of us called a number of times after that, but we were out of hearing distance. Not a good feeling, each of us concerned about the well-being of the other and each wondering if we were going to have to call in a search party. At 31C, it was feeling mighty hot the whole time, too! When we finally found each other, we knew what we needed after our "ordeal" - an ice-cream, back in Bragg Creek, lol! A great day, Darlene - thanks so much for driving and for all the fun : )