Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Posted on 06/20/2014

Photo taken on June 19, 2014

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Woodlouse in my garden

Woodlouse in my garden
Didn't realize this photo was quite as blurry as it is - it didn't look this bad late last night when I was editing it, ha. Hope most of those of you who might look at this shot have a a smaller monitor than mine : ) Anyway, this small Woodlouse was clinging to the side of a pot in my back garden. Found it yesterday, 19 June 2014, when I had to go outside to remove (i.e. bring inside and take down to my basement) two large, heavy bags of wet wood chips. I had been told to remove them - immediately - as it made my garden look unsightly (I'm in a townhouse). So, I had no choice but to do this (straight after a physiotherapy session) and now my arms and shoulders are much more painful again today. Really bad timing!

"A woodlouse (known by many common names), plural woodlice, is a crustacean with a rigid, segmented, long exoskeleton and fourteen jointed limbs. Woodlice form the suborder Oniscidea within the order Isopoda, with over 5,000 known species.

Though today found worldwide, woodlouse populations in the Americas arrived from Europe by sea alongside humans.

Although woodlice, like earthworms, are generally considered beneficial in gardens for their role in producing compost and overturning the soil, they have also been known to feed on cultivated plants, such as ripening strawberries and tender seedlings.

Woodlice can also invade homes en masse in search of moisture and their presence can indicate dampness problems. However, they are not generally regarded as a serious household pest as they do not spread disease and do not damage wood or structures." From Wikipedia.

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