Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Posted on 01/28/2014

Photo taken on January 25, 2014

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Snowy Owl
Bubo scandiacus
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Just for my records

Just for my records
A really awful quality photo, taken at sunset when the light had faded, but I decided I would still post it, just for my records. The sunset colours change the Owl's colouring to a pale pink, as you can see with this handsome, pure white male. A pity the light was too poor, as this owl was in no hurry to move on. It was having a hard time clinging to the insulator, it was so windy.

The day before yesterday (25 January 2014), I spent this amazing day with friends Cathy and Terry, south of Calgary. I had found an e-mail on my computer around 12:45 a.m., just as I was about to turn off my computer for the night. Did I want to go birding tomorrow and, if so, to meet at 8:00 a.m.? A full day of excitement and enjoyment left me tired out, but so happy. I had been missing being out and taking photos, feeling lethargic and extremely tired, so this invite was welcomed with open arms. The crazy weather soared to a balmy 11C, though a lot of the day was colder, with a strong wind!

Can you believe that we saw 17 owls that day? SEVENTEEN! I didn't photograph quite every single one, but my friends will let me know exactly how many of each owl we found, once they've gone through their photos. It was something like 10 Snowy Owls and 7 Great Horned Owls. The closest Snowy Owl was the one in my photo - the other owls were little more than a tiny speck in the far, far distance, but I still managed to get some kind of shot of some of them, using 48x zoom plus cropping. Perhaps I should add that maybe 16 of the owls that were seen would never have been seen by less experienced birders (and I include myself in that category!). My friends have brilliant eyes when it comes to spotting owls! Just left me shaking my head each time they found one! I'm not too bad at finding owls, but not at that distance!

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Cats 99
Cats 99
Oh yes! He is still an exciting sight!
4 years ago.
Maybe a leucistic Snowy Owl Anne?? LOL ... it is amazing the drastic colour changes in the early morning and late evening sun ... usually this is what you see and the camera just picks it up ... as I work with a lot of "white" birds I know how the colours varies ... :))
4 years ago.
It's a beauty in the evening glow.
4 years ago.