Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Posted on 08/24/2013

Photo taken on August 23, 2013

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Middle East
Sheikh Nasser
aspects of nomadic life
woven decorations
dressing a camel
old photo
scan of a print from slide
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taken in 1967

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Dressing the camel

Dressing the camel
This is a scan of a print from an old colour slide, taken in the desert outside Doha, Qatar (Middle East) in 1967. I have several of these old photos from Qatar that I need to scan and post as soon as possible. I don't know just where outside Doha this was taken, so I will mark it as Doha on my map - just in case anyone isn't quite sure where Doha is : ) We lived in Doha, Qatar, for just six months. This particular day was very special. One of the local Sheikhs, Sheikh Nasser, put on a "picnic" for employees and their families of one of the large oil companies. Various aspects of nomadic life were carefully arranged for us to see and enjoy, including a typical woven tent, a magnificent camel wearing its spectacular woven dressings, the slaughter of an animal hung from a wooden tripod and then prepared and cooked for us. This meal was eaten inside the tent, with everyone sitting in a circle on woven rugs - no knives or forks of course - and was followed by the preparation of coffee over a fire (and using the beautiful coffee pots that I love so much). Also a trained Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) was on its perch. A day I've never forgotten, including a ride on one of their camels (what an experience!). A most enjoyable day and one that we all greatly appreciated.

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Haha Anne ... a little "Camel tuneup" before the trip ... a terrific shot and great clarity here too!! The Camel appears pleased ... LOL
4 years ago.