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  • offering

    At the Met Kids gift shop.

  • contemplation

    Still at Met Kids.

  • pipe

    A piece of pipe, attached to nothing, going nowhere, waiting to be seen in a corner of Riverside Park

  • in cbonney's back yard

    Oh, sorry, too late: you looked. This stone, bearing the face of Medusa, will be put up for auction on ebay sometime within the next week--as soon as I can move again. It was found while vacationing in cbonney's backyard and he will provide the provenan…

  • yadda on west end

  • taking the plunge

    Loquillo Beach. Dad kept throwing him back, but he refused to be releasedd.

  • crossing 73rd

    Another street, another man, another crossing, another day in the big city.

  • 360° Squared

    It is, actually, a circle, the edges blending into the black square. I may have to save this and see if I can find a tattoo artist who can do it for me. Then again, I may not.

  • homeward bound, i wish I

    Very early in the morning on the #1, southbound. She wasn't wary of me, just looked up long enough to take notice, to be certain.

  • arlington, 1969

    Well, actually, maybe it was 1970 or '71; for three years a group of us went to DC every Memorial Day. There was something about this guy sitting on a stump, smoking his pipe, staring out blankly that deserved to be captured. I found the print and scann…

  • mother of pearl

  • tie down

    A Gordian knot: That's the way some folks on 74th, between Amsterdam and Columbus, make sure the lids of their garbage cans are still around.

  • lost in manhattan

    She got off the train at 72nd Street, looked around carefully, went to the corner of 73rd and Broadway, crossed, and began walking west. Halfway down the block, she stopped next to one of the brownstones and began studying her map. Someone came up behin…

  • neé Annie Deborah Cohen

    When I graduated from junior high school, we had autograph books (do they still have autograph books?), and my mother wrote: To thine own self be true. My father wrote: Know thyself. Thos were well meant admonitions and I took them seriously, much to th…

  • love, Es

    An old (obviously) photo of my aunt Esther, my father's sister. As near as anyone can tell, this is a photo was given to my father when he shipped out to the Philipines. I love this one.

  • sunburn

    Loquillo, PR. She came down to the beach, shorts and t-shirt, sat down at the picnic bench and started reading. When she was done, she left. 'tween times she seems to have burned...or I kept my finger on the saturation button for a tad too long.

  • MV

    Scan of an old portrait of a long-lost friend, Mike. Probably taken over the Memorial Day weekend, 1969 or '70.

  • west side highway

    The lower end of Riverside Park; those arches, an awful shade of green, used to shelter some of New York's homeless, now they serve their original purpose, supporting the West Side Highway. (Railroad tracks run beneath them; nothing like falling asleep i…

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