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  • Turtle 01

    This may be a pig-nosed turtle: at least, the pictures I found on Google sort of look like this.

  • White Giant Spider Lily 01

    Anyone know what these are?

  • Purple Giant Spider Lily 02

    Most likely a Giant Spider LIly -- Thanks victoria_nox!

  • Purple Flower 01

    These are most likely giant spider-lilies.

  • Lizard 01

    There were thousands of these things. Everywhere.

  • Lemur Lemur Duck

    Clockwise from the left, I believe these are a White-Fronted Lemur, a Brown Lemur, and a duck. I don't know anything at all about the duck.

  • Unknown Primate 02

    The white box is full of monkey food: this particular monkey keep pulling out a handful, looking at it, and tossing it in the water (just below the frame).

  • Unknown Primate 01

    I can't for the life of me remember what these are called, and they don't seem to be listed on the Naples Zoo website.

  • Patas Monkey 02

    Yes, the Patas Monkeys live in Dogloos. I don't know why.

  • Patas Monkey 01

  • Siamang 01

  • Black and White Colobus 03

  • Black and White Colobus 02

  • Black and White Colobus 01

  • Ring-tailed Lemurs 01

    The cage they're on top of is apparently called a "Howdy Cage," and is used for introducing new Lemurs to the island.

  • Spider Monkey

  • Tricolored Heron?

    I'm pretty sure this is a tricolored heron, but I'm really not certain.

  • White-Handed Gibbon 01

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