Kirsty's photos

  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween Everyone! I found these from 2010 lol

  • My sweet boy

    This is one of my favorites of Teddy :)

  • Always Together

    Teddy & Missy :)

  • A Cute Pair

    Teddy & Missy.

  • 5/52- Birthday Boy

    Teddy turns 4 years old today! He has had a fantastic day filled with cake, goodies and of course his Chuck It ball, i even bought him some squeeky kong balls with happy Birthday on ;) lol He is so spoilt! I really can't believe how time has gone by, T…

  • It's my Birthday ......

    and I'll beg if i want too ;) lol He knows how to get anything he wants by using the puppy dog eyes!