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  • Dreaming With a Friend

    Lovely young girl model entitled "For Cloud Watching" by Astral's Stock at DeviantART found here: g-46675087 Bunny found in Google Images. Stars made with Photoshop brushes. Background and all other elements f…

  • A Slight Chance of Rain

    Inspired by artist Mariana Palova. Her website found here: Both models are from faestock entitled "sibly10" and "sibly19" found on DeviantArt here: Hair brushes by falln…

  • What's In Your Cabbage?

  • Exotic Wild Cabbage

  • AutumnTime

  • Life is Full of Wonders

    Beautiful young model entitled "Fairy-2" by DarkMaiden-Stock on and may be found here: y-2-18458293 Font entitled "Virgin." Lace Brush entitled "Lace Brushes" by green eyed butterfly. Cross stit…

  • Red Feather Heads

    Model entitled "jazz" by faestock and found at DeviantART here: 51 Other elements are from my stock.

  • Raindrops Keep Falling

    Model entitled "Starry Umbrella 1a" by jagged-eye on DeviantART. starrymuse is the model found at DeviantART.

  • Despair

    With thanks to the following for sharing their art: Model Entitled "Memento29" by faestock on deviantART. Water Entitled "480 underwater partition 01" by Tigers-stock on deviantART. Drops By Amamisdream on deviantART. Splashes Entitled "Water Splash E…

  • Freeing the Songbird

    Model entitled "The Obscurantist-1" by Melys-stock on DeviantART found here: urantist-1-117563533 Canary found in Creative Commons.

  • Gossamer Wings - FREE Texture

    Dedicated to my friend Marezia57 who is afraid of my Cicada Wings texture. feel free to use my texture in your Artwork. Please provide credit by linking back to this page and placing a small copy of your work in a Comment Box below. Please do not redist…

  • Mother Nature Going Back to Sleep for Seven Years

    Model entitled "Sleeping Angel-16" by Sitara LeotaStock on DeviantART found here: -16-138867409 Texture is from my stock entitled "Gossamer Wings - FREE Texture" found here:…

  • Things that Lurk at Night in the Jungle in 3D

    Cicada Wings - FREE Texture - Challenge No.1 found here: Thanks to Moonglowlilly for her "Png Zebra" found on DeviantART found here: ra-341329668 Best viewed with Chromadepth…

  • Waking Leaf Fairy

    Cicada Wings Texture Challenge No.1 Model entitled "White Lady laying" by auroradreams on DeviantART found here: dy-laying-170287925

  • Cicada Wings - FREE Texture

    Please feel free to play with my texture and I would love to see what you create. Please leave a copy for me in a Comment Box Below. Have fun! Only way I know to save this image for play is to screen shoot it and then crop it. This image made Explore…

  • Lily

    Grounds for Sculpture is located in Hamilton, NJ, USA, a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting an understanding and appreciation for contemporary sculpture. Many sculptures are accompanied by natural and man-made backgrounds waiting to be…

  • Following a Dream

    Story in first Comment Box. texture with thanks, from Temari 09 Little girl entitled "653" by simplymurdersstock at found here: ock#/d2yobwx Background is from my stock.

  • Swirls of Butterflies

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