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  • catchin' a wave 365 Days (Year 7) #256 07/16

    The life of a wave from the perspective of a guy with no shoes. Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Forgive me father... 365 Days (Year 7) #255 07/15

    This is the second book I have read by the author Charlie LeDuff. His latest book was called Detroit: An American Autopsy. I read that one a few months ago and was so impressed with his writing that I checked this one out. LeDuff was a reporter for the Ne…

  • Dash to the car 365 Days (Year 7) #254 07/14

    It's been rainy all weekend. Sometimes more intense than others. But running between the raindrops isn't my idea of fun. Just count to three and GO! One... Two... .......go! Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Frosty 365 Days (Year 7) #252 07/12

    Stopped off tonight, with a friend, for a cold one in a frosty mug. Just the thing on a warm summer night. Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Yinz 365 Days (Year 7) #253 07/13

    Cheese and Crackers! Yizzel believe who I met today! I went aht for a hoagie anna IC lite dahn nair and bumped into this jag off. G'Junna guess who? (BTW: I didn't actually take this photo. But it's a memorable moment and worthy of one of my days.) Clic…

  • Empty seat at the table 365 Days (Year 7) #251 07/11

    You get used to something and don't realize how important it is to you until it's gone forever. I wouldn't be surprised to see her just walk up and start eating, but that won't happen. I will leave this stuff out for a few more days. Today I put her to r…

  • Baby Yasmin 365 Days (Year 7) #250 07/10

    Last Friday, on my way to Miami Beach, I stopped of at my work. It was the day after Independence Day and the shop was closed but I wanted to clean up my skates for that nights First Friday Skate. As I was unlocking the door, Yasmin came running up, somet…

  • Hand on car 365 Days (Year 7) #248 07/08

    My hands look so old. Is it the age... ...or the mileage? Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Black and White 365 Days (Year 7) #249 07/09

    Minimalism... Nice. Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • The Castle 365 Days (Year 7) #247 07/07

    Visited a park that was a big part of my youth. Greynolds Park was originally a coral rock quarry during the Miami land boom of the early 20th century. In 1936 A.O. Greynolds, the head of Ojus Rock Company, deeded the 249 acres over to the county to be u…

  • Sundown on the River 365 Days (Year 7) #246 07/06

    Went for a walk along the New River In downtown Fort Lauderdale. Got there just in time to watch the sun set. Nice! Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Friday Night 365 Days (Year 7) #245 07/05

    It's been a while since I got all dressed up in red for a skate. Once a month we do a South Beach skate called "The First Friday Skate". But for the last four First Friday's, the skate has been rained out. Today the weather is perfect! We had a great grou…

  • Post 365 Days (Year 7) #244 07/04

    Today is Independence Day- Happy Birthday USA! I found myself in Miami Beach as the sun was rising today. I had to drop someone off at Miami Airport this morning and figured I would watch the day wake-up on South Beach. One of my favorite buildings on Mia…

  • Custom 365 Days (Year 7) #242 07/02

    The other day a friend asked me the question: "After taking self-portrates for so long, do you loose your creativity?" May answer was "Yes", but with an addendum. "If Michelangelo did a painting every day, he would have a lot of crap also. Or what a frien…

  • Wood Rail 365 Days (Year 7) #243 07/03

    I am about five steps up on the stairs. Moving up in the world! Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Dead Battery 365 Days (Year 7) #241 07/01

    It's late and my phone is dead. Call back later. Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

  • Cannon 365 Days (Year 7) #240 06/30

    I doubt that there is an American city or town that doesn't have some sort of veterans memorial of some sort. Driving the back roads of our country it's not surprising to come across a Military tank or classic fighter plane with a plaque dedicating it to…

  • カラオケ 365 Days (Year 7) #239 06/29

    My friend had a party. My friend loves Karaoke. He became a doctor. So we celebrated. And I listened to everyone sing. Click here for my "Year 7" 365 collection.

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