Ooakmonsterhigh Potter's photos

  • Corpse Bride...

  • Corpse Bride Family Pic

  • I got her for my birthday today!

    (May 27th) I am so excited, I got her! Her leg is broken though... :/

  • Her Broken Leg

  • I also got Victor!

  • Corpse Bride!!!!!!

  • Glow In the Dark EYES!!!!

    (Not my picture) Here is the link to the post.. ersaflora.ipower.com/?p=47 I know this is older news.... buuuut...they are so cool! ^.^

  • QingXue (Angell Studio)

  • HongLee (Angell Studio)

    (Not my picture)

  • MoZhao (Angell Studio)

    (Not my picture)

  • Yan Di Butter (Angell Studio)

    (Not my picture)

  • LittleFee Soo Dark Elf (Evening Primrose) (FairyLand)

    (Not my picture)

  • Aida Girl (Neo.Angel Region)

    (Not my picture)

  • Chloe (Fairyland)

    (Not my picture)

  • Lansheng (Angell Studio)

    (Not my picture)

  • CO.OL CAT!

    Love this!!! (Not my picture)

  • Catty Noir

    Can't wait for her! :) (Not my picture)

  • Zhen (Renamed by me to Yue) FIRST BJD!

    (NOT MY PICTURE) She hasn't shipped yet...ugh... but when she does I will take LOTS of pics!