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  • Shadowbrick Street Samurai

    I love the new Brickarms Offensive Combat weapons... These are perfect for Shadowbrick, particularly love this SMG and the pistol. Need to get more without buying the whole pack though as you can only use so many sniping rifles! The arm is from the seri…

  • Shadowbrick Lone Star Detective

  • Shadowbrick Dwarf Rigger

  • Shadowbrick Combat Mage

  • Jas Master of the Dark Arts

  • Shadowrun Double Dragons

    These guys have been to get new tatoos!

  • Where's Jas-y

    Just sorting out the display cabinet in my office... unfortunately I can't fit all the ones I wanted into this display.

  • WIP Halo Armour

    I like the new armour pieces from Brickwarriors... especially as they work really well with the Halo inspired guns from Brickarms. This is my first attempt at pimping this armor, I like it better in my hand than in the photo.... but it will do. I have a…

  • Judge

    I was not sure whether to post this one.... it is a prime example of where the photography lets down the end result. The version I hold in my hand looks so much better to the naked eye. Anyway my kids pestered me to post this, so here it is.

  • Black Widow strikes!

    Just messing around with my Krazy Arms and some modified Brickarms Uzis from Will Chapman.

  • Project Odysseus New Crew Members

    The crew of the Odysseus has been expanded to include some unlikely shipmates.

  • 2055 Neo Tokyo Yakuza

    I have been teaching my two boys to paint today... great fun, and with a bit of practice I think they could be good little customisers. Whilst they were practicing their skills on wargames figures I did a little bit of Freehand practice on this little fe…

  • Shadow Squadron

    Working on some Space Marine variants... these are a basic adaptation without any additional paintwork.

  • Shadow Squadron Tech Specialist

  • Shadow Squadron Exterminator

  • Back from patrol

    Been a while since I posted... lots of things have been going on. Just took a picture of one of my Galaxy Patrol squads to test that my camera and setup still work.

  • The Huntsman

    Just got back from watching the film with my boys and they wanted a Huntsman minifig. Here is a simple conversion using the very useful Thor head. They particularly like this character as he uses Tomahawks... which they love as I have been showing them…

  • Vinci - The Gnome Inventor

    Sort of forgot where the Upload button was on Flickr. My kids have been nagging me to put some of my recent work on Flickr... however have been a bit too busy. Here is a favourite character of mine using the Crazy Arms from Guy.... which are insanely go…

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