Mary's photos

  • postcard to chicago

    Sanssoucis, Potsdam Just playing with PS :-)

  • sun attacks !

    Last summer day in october :-) Park Sans Soucis, Potsdam

  • berlin sunset show

    How many tower cranes can you see ? :-) Central Berlin is nothing but one big construction site again :-( Sorry, no more city beaches for my sunset - they've all been derelicted in favor for the building sites....

  • champs-élysées, le trafic.....sauvage !

    Memories of Paris, June 2013 - I loved it :-)

  • down by the riverside

    Autumn is here and I am back on Ipernity - hello friends :-)

  • tourist shooting :-)

  • poppies in the sky

    It should be summer ...... :-)

  • drive me - I'm your dream car

    Paris Champs-Élysées - Rue de Berri We did'nt drive it :-)

  • nightly news from paris - but psst, don't tell anybody else :-)

    Place Igor Stravinsky, near Centre Pompidou, Paris Texture by: Rubyblossom Thx a lot

  • amboise

    Le chateau avec nuage drôle :-)

  • the soccer artist from centre pompidou

    But then again, he and his fellow street artists seem to be everywhere in Paris :-)

  • la tour

    Taken from the other tower at Montparnasse :-)