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  • 15/18 Phew!

    Resting the cake down, they all sigh with relief, Happy that Zara did not cause any grief. They sing Happy Birthday, even though it was way late, But better than never to celebrate. To be cont.....

  • 14/18 Come Zara!

    Lissa claps her hands and calls Zara over, The happy pooch smelled sweet like clover. Running to her mummy hoping for a treat, Lissa sneaked her a little piece of meat.

  • 13/18 Cake!!

    Lina walks in with the scrumptious cake, Hoping against hope that her hands wouldn't shake. Zara excitedly gets in the way, Causing Jackie to yell and say "Oy Vey!" (That strap just wouldn't stay up!!)

  • 12/18 Clearing up

    She comes back in and picks up the dishes, Making true all of Lissa's wishes. As she leaves Lissa asks if she could bring the cake, That the two of them did earlier make. (She actually stood here by herself with all those dishes in her hands!! Yay!)

  • 11/18 Home from school

    Lina comes in and greets the two, Putting her books down and heads to the loo. Jackie exclaims, "She's getting quite big!" "I remember when she was just a little twig!"

  • 10/18 Hello!

    They spy Lina coming home from school, Just jumped out of the neighbourhood car pool. "Come on in and let's hear about your day." Both Jackie and Lissa say in a united way.

  • 9/18 A toast

    The food all eaten when they give their toast, Jackie giving thanks to her host. Zara sits quietly, waiting her turn. Behaving herself as her mummy was stern

  • 8/18 Bird music

    As they eat, Lissa's bird whistles, While down on the ground Zara's fur bristles. Angry is she that she's not getting any, "Behave!" says Lissa, "Later you will get many."

  • 7/18 And they eat.

    Next came the asparagus all covered with ham, They discuss the news about a big scam.

  • 6/18 They eat.

    They sit and they chat and they start on the shrimp, Which was perfectly done and not at all limp.

  • 5/18 Food! Food! Food!

    The wine goes into the decanter to breathe, When their friends find out, they surely might seethe! They really are sweet though and would not fuss. That Lissa and Jackie are not two plus. Lissa made food with Jackie's stardom in mind, Keeping it lean and…

  • 4/18 A wonderful set

    The wine came with glasses! And opening things too! A corkscrew, a cork, a spout and foil cutter! Woo hoo!! (Also come with a decanter but not for this story. =) This is Ocara Wine Art & Culture set 3)

  • 3/18 Wine for two.

    A great box of wine, Jackie did bring, Lissa thought it was surely fit for a king! "This party is for you, not me!" Lissa cried. "I do thank you though, it's beautiful!" she sighed.

  • 2/18 Zara in the action too.

    Hugs were in order for Jackie this day, From Lissa and Zara, who listened to sit, stay. Jackie could not believe the amount of food, She was certain, when she was done that to the chair her butt would be glued.

  • 1/18 Greetings for Jackie

    Lissa missed Jackie's birthday as she was away, So they planned and they plotted and finally agreed on a day. Jackie came over for a quiet time with just them two. Lissa cooked for an army, so they would have lots to chew.

  • 7/7 Two little girls as happy as can be

    First it was I and now it is we. "Friends forever!" that's what they say. Soon they will go to run and play.

  • 6/7 Hello everyone! Our tan twins are here!

    Settling into the house without a care.

  • 5/7 Hatty hugs Harriet and they all get along

    Posing for pictures and singing a song. Happy they are to be home at last. That rough flight a thing of the past.

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