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  • 20091031 0316c

    I heard that Ipernity is closing down. So sad :( I'll be still in Flickr if someone wishes to see me there. It's much behind this account but still alive

  • 20161127 7558c

    Boxed cat called Kawa

  • 20120520 32101c

    Mätäoja next to major road in Helsinki

  • 20161121 7113c

    Tora posing

  • 20130410 5073c

    From temple area in Nara

  • 20161121 6922c

    Sora the adopted baby. She is the only one the survive litter of five

  • 20101212 10999c

    Old town area of Raahe in Finland at -10c

  • 20161116 6659c

    Hana enjoying petting

  • 20151016 4594c

    Sunshine in Nuuksio National Park in Finland

  • 20161113 6210d

    Passed out Kawa with Kiri in the background

  • 20150725 1323c

    Looking towards the Tuusulanjärvi lake

  • 20161113 5820c

    I just came from our fosters. The one in the front is Mori and in the background is Sora

  • 20150523 8983c

    Fallen king

  • 20080816 9070c

    Here is Mytty from the first foster litter I had (I'm sorry if you already commented the Elfaba picture. I had to remove it because I noticed that I had already posted it previously )

  • 20161109 5306c

    Yesterday I was out taking pictures of him instead of posting new pic to Ipernity

  • 20161106 4486c

    Hana the poser

  • 2016-11-07 21.11.58c

    Taken few moments ago as I waited train to home. It's snowing and it should still snow several day. Also first mobile shot I've posted to Ipernity

  • 20161105 4026c

    Last one of the seven; Tora. Picture taken yesterday

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