Midnight and me's photos

  • Still Gorgeous

  • Rock Star

  • "Hitting the Jackpot" : ))

  • Brains + Power = Success

    This was a swimming leap out of a very large, very deep County pool. This boy is a pro at swimming! To view many photos of Midnight and his antics, look for Midnight and me on Flickr

  • How do I look on green?

    Yep, there's new kitchen/family room furniture. This is "Mr Love" on the chaise. "Buddy Love" was Midnight's alter ego on Flickr when he got groomed. People loved seeing the women he reeled in. What a Lucky husband I have : )

  • Midnight's new grooming

    The groomer who didn't work out, shaved most of Midnight's tail and left a "poof" at the end the size of a meatball. Now we're growing it out. Maybe a 3 part tail will start a new trend. Lol I LOVE his new helmet shaped topknot. There are hundreds of ph…