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  • Shushu spam

    gave Kaedra a new faceup

  • new kaedra

    gave Kaedra a new faceup - I was aiming for something more fresh and natural ...

  • mother and daughter

    gave Kaedra and Delilah new faceups!

  • let me

    “Here, let me.” He pulled the satin tie, freeing the necklace from the box and slipped the silver chain around her neck.

  • broken

    He reached into his back pocket then extended it towards her. “I found this, thought you’d want it.” She opened her hand and he placed what remained of her necklace upon it. She clenched her fingers over the loved piece of jewelry. “Sorry about the broke…

  • for Sarah

    REF PICTURE: don't get me wrong, I think she's adorable and I'm not sorry I gave her a home for a while but she just doesn't fit and she needs a family to love her and take LOTS of pics !!! I am considering a new Mya ...

  • exposed

    Her eyes dropped down to Amy’s half exposed right breast and she gasped. If Amy didn’t like Denae as much as she did, she’d have thrown out a highly sarcastic comment but she knew her friend’s response was a result of concern not repulsion. “You know how…

  • approval

    Hippolovergurl asked what Gesine thought of his new do

  • seorin mod

  • new hair

    about time I gave him the short hair he was always supposed to have ...

  • picnic

    never managed to keep up with the Doll A Day for May but flickr changing threw me a bit and then there was my miserable Boston vacation ... anyway, here's some semi-sunny day spam!

  • waking

    sleeping on his pelt

  • broken

  • Bewbs

    Vance's second encounter ...

  • Raccoon eyes

    after her run-in with Ronny

  • together4

    shoot I did for my blog

  • together3

    shoot I did for my blog

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