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  • Don't go in there.

    Don't go in there.

  • Someone's knockin' at the door, someone's ringin' the bell,

    Do me a favor, open th door and let 'em in.

  • Waiting. Just waiting.

    He had just wanted to rest a moment. He said, "I just want to rest my eyes a minute,” and he let his head find the chair back. And the minute was two. And then an hour. And then a day. The day became yesterday. She waited for him until finally she…

  • The Odeon

    Now Palying: Monsters vs Aliens

  • Avalon Theater

    Main Street, McLean, TX 79057 Here it is in 2008: www.flickr.com/photos/lastpictureshow/22 04532493

  • Redskin Theater

    Anadarko, Oklahoma Now Playing: Now Showing Into The Storm Let's Be Cops Starts Friday Expendables Planes

  • The Poncan

    Poncan Theater Now playing June 14 Justin France & GP band $10 7650643 6\21 Jonny Fogers and

  • Palace Theater

    Now Playing: Books and Movies

  • The Fair

  • The Granada

    Now Playing Dream Find us on facebook

  • The State Theater

    Nothing showing. Portales, NM

  • Carlisle Theater

    Nothing playing Dimmit, Texas

  • Palace Theater

    Childres, Texas

  • Campus Theater

    Denton, Texas Now Playing Who's in Bed with the Butler Jan 24 - Feb 2

  • The Alace

    Now showing Welcom e Sorosis Club

  • The House on the Hill

    The memory crept into him like a bad taste from the back of his mouth. He shook his head and turned his gaze to the faint pattern on the floor from the moonlight seeping through the window shade. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his head stuffy with dr…

  • One Stop

    Business has been a little slow

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